Date of birth: June 16, 1959

Date of death: April 8, 2014 (aged 54)

Height: 6′ 2″ (188 cm)

Weight: 275 pounds (125 kg)

Ultimate Warrior`s height, weight and age

Biceps: 20″ (51 cm)

Shoe size: unknown

Hair colour: Brown

Eye Color: Hazel

Ultimate Warrior`s eyes and hair color

Probably, the most unique thing about Ultimate Warrior (real name James Brian Hellwig) was the way how he appeared on the ring. At the beginning of his career, Ultimate Warrior was the only wrestler who did not go, he ran into the ring, and after sprinting around it for a while he clung to the top rope and shook it, as if he was zapped.

Fans were delighted with his entertaining behavior, so their army was constantly growing due to this manner.

Warrior attracted fans only with his energetic antics, horrifying face expressions and demonstration of his strength and muscles. Actually, wrestling itself was not the point of Warriors interest, so he kept on training at the gym and pumping up muscles.

The only technique that Warrior could perform in the ring was extremely rude rod. Gorilla Press Slam was his distinct trick, a “decorative” technique in which the warrior raised an opponent over his head, tossed him into the air and moved away, so that the opponent fell from two meters to the ring right with his face down. The second technique was a running Splash. But even these techniques Warriors performed ineptly, rudely and constantly hurt his opponents.

None of the wrestlers wanted to share a ring with Ultimate Warrior. Because of poor wrestling techniques, Warrior’s matches were extremely short, fast and crammed with intense power techniques. Such characteristics made the matches extremely popularity.

Ultimate Warrior`s height, weight and age

Changes after the first break

After his return in 1992, many his fans said that the new warrior was not the warrior, which they saw in 1991. Indeed, Hellwig had changed: he changed his haircut, dyed the hair and significantly pumped up his muscles. Some said that the “old” warrior died, and the “new” Warrior was Carrie Van Eric, but it was just a rumor. In reality, Hellwig was pretty addicted to steroids and became really huge.

After his official retirement in 1999, Warrior for a short time worked as a chief of training center for young professional wrestlers and inspired them. The club was called Military University. Later, Hellwig found a new job as an agitator and commentator, criticizing the left political wing.

An interesting fact:

At the beginning of May 1996 Warrior began the production of his own comic strip called “The Warrior”, where he was the main character. During the first two months it sold pretty well, but then the demand for the comic fell completely, and in 1997 the former wrestler stopped production at all because of its absolute failure.

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