Date of birth: September 16, 1995 (21 years)

Height: 6ft 9in (206 cm)

Weight: 210 pounds (95 kg)

Aaron Gordon Height

Aaron Gordon

Aaron Gordon Body measurements

Hair color: Black

Eye Color: Brown

Not every young college student is 2 meters high, and is able to jump playing basketball with all the required skills. But Aaron Gordon, who has later become a top NBA player, had all the necessary stuff – strength and brains. In addition, Aaron now has a contract with Magic, which wasn’t a surprise for him. He is young and ambitious.

Aaron Gordon Weight

Aaron Gordon Height, Weight, Age

The first thing that Gordon should do in Orlando is to improve his diet plan. There are some troubles with keeping his weight on. Low level of body fat (3%) leads to the fact that Aaron has abs.

The young star spends up to five hours a day for training. He takes some special weight sets of exercises at the gym. He also has a secret training – underwater walking in a pool. It helps him not only with physical, but also with mental health.

Aaron Gordon doesn’t count consumed calories. His diet is quite simple. Before game he eats pasta with chicken and shrimps with Caesar salad. It takes him a necessary amount of carbohydrates and a little of protein. Moreover, Caesar expands a stomach to not to feel hungry while playing. After the game the sportsman eats anything that consists of protein. It helps to recover after the hard work. It can be eggs with sausages, and a protein shake. Actually, Aaron Gordon is a food fan, so he loves any kind of food. More than everything this guy likes sweets – he is a real sweet tooth.

Aaron Gordon Body Measurement

Aaron Gordon Height, Weight, Age

Despite his love to food, Aaron’s diet needs some improvements and correction. It is required not only for his health, but also for fifth career growth. Though, he is a star, Aaron feels like a common young man and doesn’t going to stop working on himself.

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