Date of birth: May 11, 1988 (28 years)

Height: 5 ft 9 in (180 cm)

Ace Hood Height

Ace Hood

Ace hood body measurements

Hair colour: Black

Eye Color: Brown

There are a lot of stereotypes about the rappers. Some of them neglect their physical shape, but the others keep fit and impress the fans with their bodies. One of such singers is Ace Hood. When he took of his T-shirt, it was difficult not to notice his toned body with pumped arms and stomach.

Ace Hood Weight

Ace Hood

It seems obvious that Ace Hood works hard at the gym to stay in a good shape. As he says, Ace does 500-600 push-ups a day. He is a busy singer, so he is always on the road. That’s why there is a problem with systematic and substantial training.

The rapper has no special secrets. He does several hundred before going to the stage, in the morning, when he gets up, and during the day, when there is a free minute. That’s all about his training program. He also has no special diet. The reason of his incredible look is a fast metabolism. People think that Ace spends long hours working out at the gym, doing hardcore cardio exercises. But it’s not true. He doesn’t. He just uses any free time for training everywhere.

Due to his fast digestion process, Ace can eat whatever he wants. He has no taboos, and he doesn’t restrict himself of eating junk food or sweets. That’s really great! I can bet that almost every one of us envies him. But, nevertheless, Ace deserves admiration for his work and toned shape.

Ace Hood Bode Mesurement

Ace Hood

At the end, I can’t but mention about his announcement about new level of his training. Ace decided to take up MMA/boxing training. He wants to try something challenging and exciting, so he’s not going to give up. Let’s wait and look what it will be.

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