She is ready to be changeable all the time on the screen and in her everyday life too. Thus not long ago she appeared in public, wearing new haircut. Fragile Kate Mara looked like a shorn pixie. Kate Mara hair was discussed by her colleagues and fans. Some of them thought that the actress looked more elegant and much younger with her new haircut. The others insisted that she has lost her female image. In fact Kate Mara hair and her new style weren’t liked by her father as well. He wrote her a message, where told that he “missed her long hair”.

 Kate Mara  Kate Mara

Kate Mara Biography

From the very childhood an actress knew, that the opinion of her father was very important in their family. A successful NFL scout and the owner of New York football club, he worked a lot all the time. But Kate’s mother was a housewife. She had enough time to bring up Kate and her two brothers and a sister. By the way, Kate’s sister became an actress too.

The girl used to be very shy. She hated staying in public and was lost, when hundred pairs of eyes looked at her. But one day her parents took Kate to watch a musical “Les Miserables”. Then the girl understood that she wanted to become an actress. The girl took part in numerous musicals, arranged by her school theater. When she was 14, she debuted in her first TV show.
Kate Mara - Best Movies & TV shows

Kate Mara Movies and TV Shows

Kate Mara started her career in the episode of popular TV series “Law & Order”. She made her heroine Jenna Erlich emotional and alive. The girl was so natural on the film set, that her parents understood, it was their daughter’s cup of tea. They did everything to help Kate to take part in different movies and TV shows.

Kate Mara in Law & Order

Kate Mara in Law & Order

First Kate Mara Movies and TV Shows were not so popular. She took part in “Joe the King” and “Random Hearts”. Later the girl was invited in such TV series as “Madigan Men” and “Ed”. The project was not so successful and Kate’s parts were supporting and so interesting. But young actress, who was less than 20, liked her early popularity and an opportunity to work with Harrison Ford and Kristin Scott Thomas.

Kate had great body and smart pretty face. The young girl used these advantages too. She liked to do hot photoshoots. Fans could admire from Kate Mara bikini pics, to pictures of a near-nude Kate Mara. Kate Mara bikini photos made the actress popular. She liked that attention of her fans. She liked to make men around her crazy. But still she was waiting for something really interesting. For some part, that will make a revolution in her professional life.
Kate Mara

When Kate was just 23, she got her first main part. It was the horror film with an interesting name “Urban Legends: Bloody Mary”. Her heroine was a senior schoolmate, named Samantha Owens. She managed to wake up the spirit of the killer Bloody Mary. She and her friends did it just to entertain. But soon they understood, it had been a mistake. The girl had to invent some plan to make the spirit sleep again.

The movie was interesting and liked with the audience. But it was not unique. Kate Mara continued to dream about some serious difficult role. Soon she was invited to take part in “Brokeback Mountain”. The heroine of Kate Mara appeared at the end of the movie. But the film about the love between two men-friends became so popular and got so many awards! It helped Kate Mara to become well known all over the world and her Alma Jr. was accepted well with critics. It was the first step to the world of serious movies and difficult roles. From this moment Kate was supposed to become serious dramatic actress. But still she was invited to take part in various TV shows. During many years Kate didn’t get any serious role that could be compared with her work at “Brokeback Mountain”.
Kate Mara - Iron Man 2Kate Mara – Iron Man 2

Soon the fate gave her another smile. Kate was invited to “Iron Man 2”. Kate Mara “Iron Man 2” remains one of her the most successful roles. From that movie Kate has taken the worthy place among the highest-paid stars. She took part in such films as “127 Hours”, “Ironclad” and “Transcendence”. Although the last film was not so successful it gave Kate an opportunity to work with such cult person as Johnny Depp.

Kate Mara in Transcendence

Kate Mara in Transcenden

Except movies she also takes part in such popular and decorated TV series as “American Horror Story” and “House of Cards”.
Kate Mara American Horror Story
Kate Mara American Horror Story

Kate has a lot of work to do now, but she finds some free time for her personal life too.

Kate Mara Dating

Kate Mara is extremely beautiful. At the same time Kate Mara dating is dull to some extent. The actress had no love affairs with her colleagues and the son of millionaires. When she took part in a romantic comedy “10 Years” she met Justin Long. The young people seemed to like each other. They spent a lot of time together. One day they even visited some musical in New York Theatre. But that was all – the couple had no love affair.

Kate Mara and Justin Long

Kate Mara and Justin Long

Later Kate started to date the son of famed director Anthony Minghella, Max. Max, a dark haired tall gentleman, and fragile Kate looked so happy together. They had been dating since 2010. Max was a little younger than Kate. The couple used to date for a long time and the fans waited for their marriage. But the young people had to split.

Kate Mara and Anthony Minghella

Kate Mara and Anthony Minghella

Now Kate Mara moves together with the actor Jamie Bell. Hopefully, they will be happy together!

Kate Mara and Jamie Bell

Kate Mara and Jamie Bell

Kate Mara is a talented actress that for sure, will become world known soon!

Kate Mara interview on David Letterman

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