Date of birth: July 16, 1980 (Age: 36 years)

Height: 6ft (183 cm)

Weight: 170pounds (77 kg)

Adam Scott (golfer) Height

Adam Scott (golfer)

Adam Scott body measurements:

Shoe/feet: 10 (US)/43 (EU)

Hair colour: Dark Brown

Eye Color: Dark Brown

Looking at this man I start loving golf. A tall handsome man looks more like Australian superstar than a golfer. He wears luxurious clothes. His smile charms. How did it happen that this man went in for golf?

Adam Scott (golfer) Weight

Adam Scott (golfer)

What is the price of his victories and great body?

The reason lies in his hard work at the gym. Yes, your eyes don’t lie, at the gym.

The Australian golf star spends long hours training at the gym. All in all, his efforts were paid off. Numerous victories and a wide auditory of fans were an award for hardcore work.

At a press conference Adam confessed that he goes to the gym five times a week and he really loves it. But he doesn’t follow one workout all the time, he makes cycles.

Do you know how to differentiate a true Australian? He loves surfing. It became a kind of the workout for Adam and he can’t imagine his life without the ocean.

Adam Scott follows a special golf fitness training program to master his golf performance. It increases his flexibility, power, and helps to keep fit.

The nutrition system has nothing special. Adam’s everyday diet includes sufficient amount of protein which helps to rebuild muscles. The golfer considers carbohydrates to be important because they supply with vital energy and provoke thinking process.

Adam Scott (golfer) Body Measurement

Adam Scott (golfer)

Adam restricted the consumption of sugar and caffeine as inappropriate sources of energy.

How do you think, are all his sacrifices and hard work out worth the victory in the tournament? I think they are.

If a person has a twinkle in his eyes, he will achieve everything.

Good luck and never give up!

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