Date of birth: August 24, 1976 (Age: 42 years)

Height: 6 ft 2 in (188 cm)

Weight: 175 pounds (79 kg)

Alex O Loughlin Height

Alex O Loughlin

Alex O Loughlin body measurements:

Waist: 30 in (76,2 cm)

Chest: 42 in (106,7 cm)

Biceps: 16 in (40,5 cm)

Shoe/feet: US 11.5

Hair Color: Brown

Eye Color: Blue

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Alex O Loughlin Weight

Alex O Loughlin

Alex O Loughlin manages to remain perfect body shape and lean physique trough years.

Here, Alex shares a circuit of his routine gym workout.

At the very beginning, Alex jogs for 10 minutes. He says that it’s the best workout for him.

The training itself combines either low or high intensity exercises. Between sets, Alex has breaks from 30 seconds to one minute. These intervals take about 18 minutes. He does 12 rounds in total.

In order to stay lean, Alex O Loughlin emphasizes cardio exercises.

He has 5 workouts each week. Rather exhausting schedule.

The circuit is based on a principle of alternation. It presupposes that if Alex runs, for example, he will walk afterwards. This kind of program doesn’t include rest between exercises. Would you try this?

In one circuit are included from 3 to 5 different exercises. Only after finishing one circuit Alex has some rest. Then, the circuit repeats again.

Why did he choose this circuit?

Alex admits that alternation increases his natural ability to burn body fat. That’s not all. It also improves metabolism.

Alex O Loughlin Body Measurement

Alex O Loughlin

Alternations are very exhausting, thus they can last not more than 30 minutes. In case if it lasts longer, there is a possibility of overtraining. To complement and support the result of the system, it should be followed with the activities which have lower intensity.

If you are aimed at fat burning, why not to try? If you are brave enough to try, share your results.

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