Date of birth:  August 13, 1899

Death date: April 29, 1980 (Age 80)

Born Place: London, England

Born name: Alfred Joseph Hitchcock

Height: 5 ft 7 in (170 cm)

Weight:  135 kg (300 pounds)

Alfred Hitchcock height, weight and age

Hair color: Light Brown/Grey

Eye color: Brown

Alfred Hitchcock's eyes and hair color

    An unsurpassed master of thriller Alfred Joseph Hitchcock was born and growth in a small Leytonstone and to come into an art had taking him for a while.

    He was much of reading books when was a child and came up with the variety of games. Alfred was not an outgoing person both in a childhood and college years. He was trying to set himself apart from his mates.

    At the Jesuit College his interest in crimes has become clear. He had been visiting court hearings with a pleasure and even criminal museums where different kinds of gun and policies attributes were exhibited. Being older he admitted that probably at the Jesuit College he had gotten some kind of a fear, a fear to be involved into something sinful. Through all his life he had been trying to avoid that danger.

   Later on was a School of Engineering and Navigation and only at the University of London he finally was able to making an art.

   The future cinema master managed to take a part in reserve during the First World War before he can come through into a cinema. Because of overweight he was not allowed to the front line which probably saved his life.

   It is hard to believe but at first Alfred is engaged in electricity at the film studio and making the titles. For about 5 years he had had second leads being co-director then scenario co-author.

   His first picture was The Pleasure Garden and the next 10 years about 18 films were made. Only after these years one of his world known pictures The Man who Knew Too Much was created.

   After Hitchcock came to America his first feature Rebecca was a sensation and called the best picture which gives him a best director nomination. Among more than 50 films were created the most famous are Psycho, Rear Window, Vertigo.

Alfred Hitchcock's height, weight and age

   Alfred Hitchcock was known for his technical expertise, special use of camera and shots; he established a filmmaking style which has became an important part of cinema.

   He named himself stout, ambitious and unattractive in earlier times but perhaps it saved him in due time to become one of the greatest filmmakers.

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