Date of birth: November 10, 1967 (Age: 49 years)

Height: 6′ 1″ (185 cm)

Weight: 207 pounds (94 kg)

Michael Jai White's height, weight and body measurements

Michael Jai White body measurements:

Chest: 51″ (129,5 cm)

Biceps: 18″ (46 cm)

Waist: 36″ (91,5 cm)

Shoe size: unknown

Hair color: Dark brown

Eye color: Dark brown

Michael Jai White's eyes and hair color

From his early childhood, Michael has been involved in sports and, in particular, bodybuilding. So, being just 14 he already weighed 86 kilos that for his age was an outstanding result.

Do not think that these kilos he scored from the excessive consumption of sweets, chips and lemonade. Not at all. It was muscle mass which this young boy gained in the process of heavy and persistent training.

This crazy boy began training at seven years! Just imagine!

So from very childhood he made himself a man who knows something that some of his peers can’t accomplish. Frankly speaking, even many adults.

Michael Jai White has a black belt in 7 kinds of martial arts, kickboxing title and glory of sparring partner of leading heavyweight boxers. However, the actor believes that without bodybuilding he would never have reached everything he has now.

In general, the height and weight of today’s Michael Jai White is intriguing, because all the data is different.

Have you seen his biceps? And his muscular corset?

Everything that Michael Jai White achieved in his life bodybuilding did for him, as he says himself. This sport has elevated this guy from bottom to another height. Therefore, bodybuilder sport skills are needed to protect himself and for his career as well.

Michael Jai White's height, weight and body measurements

And now, being 49 Michael is a great actor, director, screenwriter and producer. And yes – the king of the gym!

He is also a champion in kickboxing. Martial arts has made Michael inaccessible to offenders of any level. Filmmakers are interested in this cute relieved athlete – a famous and respected throughout the world.

Thanks to the movie, the actor is qualitatively popularizing bodybuilding. His heroes are able to win a large number of attackers alone, handle any mission to save the most dangerous scrapes, make sophisticated tests. Looking at this sporting, powerfully built, handsome man it is easy to believe.

Michael firmly believes that one must seriously study bodybuilding. His day is planned by the minute, but there is always time for sparring with famous athletes.

Michael Jai White's height, weight and body measurements

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