Date of birth: May 13, 1966 (Age 51)

Full name: Darius Carlos Rucker

Born place: Charleston, South California, USA

Height: 5’9.5’’ (176.5 cm)

Weight: 75.7 kg (167 pounds)

Shoe size: 10 US

Darius Rucker's height, weight and age

Hair color: Bald

Eye color: Dark Brown

Darius Rucker's eyes and hair color

Every rock fan definitely knows the band Hootie & the Blowfish. Over 3 decades ago, Darius Rucker founded this band while he was still studying at the university. However, his zeal for music was birth while he was yet a young lad. In his childhood, music was his greatest dream. Music seems to be genetic for Darius as his father was a gospel singer.

By 2002, Darius began climbing up the ladder of success as he released his very first studio album titled Back to Then. This album was a huge success as it was ranked number 1 in the US under the heat category. 6 years later, he released his next album which was a step higher as it sold over a million copies in the US alone. It was also a number 1 album under the country category.

Aside from the incredible success he has attained in the music industry, the world is still awestruck by how he is able to maintain such a fit body despite his age. Right from his youth, he always had a lean and fit physique. Darius stated in an interview that his physical welfare is as a result of conscious efforts. Darius endeavors to go to the gym every single day he is not touring.

However, he has found a functional system that works for him when he is on the road. He also stated that he has so trained his mind-set to get fuel from his exercises that when he is not able to work out, he gets very angry.

Darius lifestyle also plays a very significant role in his fitness. Due to his very active performances on stage, Darius loses an average of 9 pounds on a summer stage performance. He also stated that his giving up drinking has helped him maintain fitness.

Darius Rucker's height, weight and age

Darius has also discovered the effect adequate sleep has on his fitness and general well-being. Therefore, he endeavors to take a seven-hour rest each night.

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