Date of birth: August 21, 1973 (Age: 43 years)

Height: 7′ 2″ (218 cm)

Weight: 310 pounds (141 kg)

Nikolai Valuev's height, weight and body measurements

Nikolai Valuev body measurements:

Chest: 52″ (132 cm)

Biceps: 18″ (46 cm)

Waist: 48″ (122 cm)

Shoe size: unknown

Hair color: Bald

Eye color: Hazel

Nikolai Valuev's eyes and hair color

Being young boy Nikolai Valuev went to athletics – he wanted to become stronger, but it was during basketball training when the coaches paid much more attention to his physics.

In those years, the guy could not really catch up or push-ups. Up to 18 years, he has grown very quickly. And can achieve the desired faster in athletics.

In the first class he was a head taller than the teacher, and in the sixth Valuev growth reached 1 meter 96 centimeters.

Nikolai did not have to fight in the early years – nobody wanted to mess with such a giant. And he wanted to fight. In the same box Valuev came rather late – in 20 years.

214 cm – this is the growth of Nikolai Valuev and, accordingly, the scope of his hands.

One of the Valuev’s fights looked like he just put forward his glove and helpless opponent jumped around and refused to continue the fight. But the boxed has to pay for such advantage – he often feels awkward.

Valuev had 15 fights at the amateur boxing ring and came to boxing at age 20 and in just six months he got the Master of Sports.

148 kilograms – the weight of such huge fighter. If we apply the well-known formula (height in cm minus 110 plus 10%) based on body type of hypersthenic Valuev, the ideal weight for him would be 114, 4 kg. But it would be if he had not played sports.

In 2013 he had to undergo two operations to remove a brain tumor.

According to Nikolai, no one can escape from such a disease. Valuev admitted that he had a small tumor of the pituitary gland. To save his life, the boxer was operated twice.

Nikolai Valuev's height, weight and body measurements

At first, a boxer turned for help to the German doctors. The operation went well, but then, as it turned out, European doctors made a mistake. To avoid relapses again, Valuev turned to Russian doctors. The second operation was successful.

It was because of the tumor that the athlete was forced to leave professional sport. In addition, at that time he already had two children and he decided that he couldn’t risk so much anymore.

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