Date of birth:  May 27, 1975 (Age 42)

Born Name: Andrè Lauren Benjamin

Born Place: Atlanta, Georgia, USA

Height: 5’10’’ (177.8 cm)

Weight:  74 kg (163 pounds)

Andre 3000's height, weight and body measurements

Andre 3000’s body measurements:

Chest: 50.8” (129 cm)

Waist: 35’’ (89 cm)

Shoe size: 10 US

Hair color: Black

Eye color: Dark brown

Andre 3000's eyes and hair color

  Andre 3000 determines himself as a lover of art. He says he likes to be immersed into variety things and explore new ways of self-development.

 He is a singer, a songwriter and an actor. He also plays different instrumentals and producing records.

 Andre was highlighted on screen as an actor in Hollywood Homicide. Later on he was shown in TV series The Shield and musical television series Class of 3000 where he has been engaged for 2 years. Andre also wrote songs for projects where he was participated.

 He was recognized by a men’s fashion magazine as a man who has style. In fact some time ago Andre quit smoking and drinking and started to wear bizarre clothes. As we can see it worked in his favor because he drew public attention. Moreover Andre said he never think about the way of clothing. He ironically mentioned that the less we thought about how we dressed the more attention we gained.

   Andre’s touring includes the performance together with Big Boi as reunited OutKast over the three-day musical festival Coachella. Later on the duet gave the concerts over the 40 countries all over the world.

    They performed sever times in Atlanta where took part a lot of famous singers and rappers.

   The singer is also known as a groundbreaker in hip hop music. He loves to create new ways of sounding and recognized by many people.

 Andree says he barely visits big gigs. While touring he prefers to attend small bars where usually play unknown musicians. For his own part, the singer admitted he likes listening jazz music.

Andre 3000's height, weight and body measurements

  Andre is a firm believer in vegetarianism. Living healthy lifestyle means too much for him. Even his first album was named in honor of that way of worldview.  He prefers to include fresh fruits and vegetables into his meal.

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