Date of birth: October 02, 1951 (Age: 65 years)

Height: 5’ 11” (181 cm)

Weight: 186 pounds (80 kg)

Sting’s height, weight and age

Hair color: Blonde

Eye color: Blue

Sting’s eyes and hair color

Matthew Gordon Sumner, known to most people as a cult singer Sting, has made a huge contribution not only to music. In addition to composing genius texts and music, the singer maintains a healthy lifestyle and actively struggles to preserve nature on our planet. By his own example, Sting is trying to promote healthy life style.

Sting’s family eats only organic vegetables and fruits, which they grow in their own gardens and orchards.

Vegetables and fruits are always useful when they are grown at home! No fertilizers for growing vegetables!

Several years ago, Sting, along with his wife Trudy Styler, took up yoga. Before, he was fond of running, aerobics and windsurfing. What is yoga? It is always a philosophy of wisdom. So, Sting really regrets that he did not start practicing it long before. The couple is engaged in yoga every day for an hour and a half.

Spouses say that yoga helps them a lot to maintain an energetic pace of life and to keep harmony in the family. Yoga is exactly what they want to do further. After 60, Sting does with his body such tricks that anyone can envy.

Trudy has always dreamed that she would live in the countryside being engage in a healthy lifestyle. She teaches yoga for all comers.

By the way, Sting’s wife helped the singer to cope with the problems that he once had. Not everything is so cloudless in his biography. And it was necessary to come to a healthy lifestyle …

Sting’s height, weight and age

She almost took him by the hand once to be treated for drugs and protected from alcohol. Having overcame the treatment of the drug addicted people, Sting coped with this problem.

Sting’s height, weight and age

As we can see from his photos, this man can hardly be called aged one. He is in a pretty good shape and is not going to stop.

Sting’s height, weight and age

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