Lourdes Height, Weight, Age


Date of Birth: 14 October, 1996 (Age: 21)

Height: 170 cm (5 ft 7)

Weight: 58 kg or 128 pounds (approximately)

Lourdes measurements:

Shoe Size: 7, 5 US (39 EU)

Dress Size: 4 US (36 EU)

Eye color: Dark Brown

Hair Color: Dark Brown

In her young age the daughter of the pop queen Madonna, Lourdes, has become already a star herself.

She creates elegant clothes for her peers (Lourdes created her own line of clothing with her mom, named “The Material Girl”) and writes books (again, together with her mother).

Is Lourdes Leon a lucky person? Probably, she is. But she understands that she is responsible for her reputation and she must become as successful as her star mother.

Lourdes Leon was born in LA, California. Her mother Madonna has never been married her father, Carlos Leon, the yoga trainer. When the girl was 1 year old, her mother split with her father, but Lourdes till now is in touch with Carlos Leon.

The girl moved to London at the age of 2, when Madonna fell in love with a film director Guy Richie. Lourdes got great education in London; she entered the college there too. The girl studied French alongside the other school subjects.

Lourdes Height, Weight, Age


Lourdes is a student of The University of Michigan. Her co-students tell that the girl is very simple and tries her best to be like the others, not showing that she is a daughter of a star mother. “She is like in a shell”, her co-students tell.

Lourdes Leon understands that people will judge her, that’s why her lifestyle is ordinary and conservative.

From time to time Lourdes Leon makes public appearances. The girl has great physiques, inherited from her athletic father and well shaped mother.

Lourdes had strong long legs, flat tummy and well ripped arms. Of course, the girl is very young and almost anyone looks great in her age.

But Lourdes puts some efforts to remain ripped. They say, she workouts together with her mother.

Madonna and Lourdes attend spin workouts at the sport club in LA, when they both are free.

These workouts are also known as indoor cycling. This kind of activity is very useful to people of different age groups. Spin workouts can be of different intensity levels.

The mechanical device, which is the model of a bicycle, can be modified to various levels of difficulty.

Thus Lourdes gains great shape alongside her star mother, known by her muscles.

As for the diet, Lourdes is too young to keep to it. But she eats not much and tries to choose healthy dishes in the menu.

Lourdes Leon looks great in bikini and her mother can be proud of her!

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