Date of birth: March 5, 1958

Date of death: March 10, 1988 (Age 30)

Full name: Andy Roy Gibb

Born Place: Manchester, England

Height: 5′ 8″ (173 cm)

Weight: 160 lb (72 kg)

Andy Gibb’s height, weight and age

Hair color: Light brown

Eye color: Brown

Andy Gibb’s eyes and hair color

  This legendary pop-dance singer was born in family of musicians. Andy’s mother used to be a singer and his father had a band. Besides, his 3 brothers were the members of worldwide Bee Gees.

  His career started to exist apart from the brother’s band. One of the brothers made him sure to start his own way in music. Andy was presented his first guitar and was delighted to lead the rock’n’roll way of life.

  He’d left school and moonlighted singing in the tourist clubs of the Spanish resort, then in the Isle of Man. He formed a band Melody Fayre with local musicians which were given performances in the hotel on a regular base.

  The first record was My Father Was a Reb, however, it was not officially released.

  Because Andy was often out of creativity the band split up.

  Andy’s talent drew attention of the Bee Gees manager and ultimately, released his own song Words and Music which was on the top. In the short term Andy got a huge success and was in high demand. The record with the song Westfield Mansions hit the Sydney’s top music charts.

  Later on Andy got in the band Zenta and set out to performing in Australia. Andy was also shown on TV.

  The youngest of the Gibb’s returned to United States in order to work on his music album. Together with his brother Andy he recorded the album Flowing Rivers. The creation turned to be an incredible.

  The song I Just Want to Be Your Everything got the high score and became a top in the US and Australia charts. The second one (Love Is) Thicker Than Water was spread over million releases.

   His next album Shadow Dancing was made up by forth brothers and got the platinum.

   Andy became the first solo singer man in the USA who managed to release 3 singles got into Billboard Hot 100.

   Later on Andy released his last high-graded album After Dark. The songs Desire and I Can’t Help It got into the top ten charts as well.

Andy Gibb’s height, weight and age

   Andy had also shown on Broadway where he had a few roles, took part in comic opera and hosted on TV.

    His high success had turned Andy’s head. Andy got into drugs and alcohol which later caused a myocarditis. Young singer and songwriter died when he was only 30 years old.

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