Pony Whiskey

Arnold Schwarzenegger pony - Whiskey

pony Whiskey

Dog (chocolate Labrador-retriever) – Gustav

Arnold Schwarzenegger dog - Gustav

dog Gustav

Celebrities love being original in everything, even when dealing with pets. They pamper their dogs and cats: they buy luxury branded clothing and accessories for the animals, they create pages in the social networks, they go to spa-salons together and visit different parties.

But that’s just the beginning.

Some of the celebrities find all these dull and boring and they try to invent something special: they adopt unusual pets.

So, let’s see who among Hollywood stars everyday shares his breakfast with a pony.

Of course, as you could already guess, it’s “Terminator”.

Arnold Schwarzenegger shows a real weakness if speaking about domastic animals. In addition to dogs and cats in his house, pony has also found a home in his house.

In his microblog, Schwarzenegger posted a picture where we can see how he feeds the pony with carrot. In comments to a photo Arnold said: “If anyone will notice that I have lost a little weight, blame the Whiskey. Every morning she steals my lunch breakfast”.

Well, the famous actor can afford keeping such an animal in the house, since his mansion in Brentwood occupies more than 1000 square meters.

But if the pony is rather unusual choice of a pet, a dog is surely not.

To keep himself a company, Arnold has a gorgeous chocolate colour Labrador-retriever dog.

Despite all the problems and troubles of the last years, Arnold is doing well on a public. But not everyone knows that it’s his wonderful dog that helps him dealing with all of this.

The former governor seems to be inseparable with his beloved pet. There are a lot of photos of these guys being together, and looking at them, there’s no doubt that Arnold is totally in love with his fur friend.

Arnold Schwarzenegger dog - Gustav

Arnold walking with Gustav

Accompanied by a dog Arnie is often seen in a cafe in Beverly Hills, and even once in the church.

There is no date about the dog’s age, but we hope that it will support Arnold for long-long years.

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