Sophie Turner

Weight: 55 kilos

Height: 175 cm

Date of birth: 21st of February, 1996 (Age 20)

Sophie Turner is just 20. In that young age she seems to have everything a girl can dream of – beauty, ideal body, great salary and heels from Louis Vuitton. Is she happy? Of course, she is! Is she going to stop? No. she isn’t!

Short Biography

Sophie Turner was born on the 21st of February, 1996. Her native city is Northampton (England) but soon her family moved to Warwick (England). Sophie got two elder brothers (who are close her for age) and a mother, named Sally.

Sophie also had a twin, who died, because her mother had a miscarriage. Till now the actress feels sorry about it as some important part of her was lost.

Sophie Turner

Sophie Turner

Sophie Turner

Sophie Turner

From the very childhood Sophie liked acting. When the girl was just three, she started playing various parts at the Playbox Theatre. Till now she is the member of that theatre.

The closest friend of the girl is her mother. It was she, who helped Sophie to start her career. She supervised her child at the film set from the very beginning and till now, when the girl is 19 already.

Sophie Turner

Sophie Turner appeared in front of the camera for the first time, when she was just 13. She was chosen to act in the famous fantasy drama TV series “Game of Thrones”.


Sophie Turner

Sophie Turner in Game of Thrones

For the role of Sansa (“Game of Thrones”) Sophie Turner has got her first movie award. She won the nomination “Screen Actors Guild Awards” in 2012. She had also several nominations for her role in “Game of Thrones”, that she didn’t win, but she was noticed due to them.

Sansa actress can’t walk in the street alone, as she is recognized. In fact, teenagers hate her, because her heroine is selfish and arrogant. Sometimes people come to Sophie in the street and tell “I hate you!” They meant Sansa, of course, not Sophie, but the girl was frustrated.

During her participation in TV series, she got acquainted with another child actress, called Maisie Williams. Sophie Turner and Maisie Williams both act in “The Games of Thrones! Maisie’s heroine was a sister of Sansa. That sister was much kinder than Sansa, that’s why Maisie had always got a lot of love. Sophie felt a little jealous about it. It was really difficult for a teenager to get so many hate from people around. Nevertheless Sophie Turner and Maisie Williams remain best friends!
Sophie Turner

Actress likes her heroine. She tells that people should understand her! Sophie felt the same as Sansa, when she had just started her career. If Sansa was just a little girl, whose father was killed in front of her eyes and who appeared alone among adult evil people, Sophie felt the same, when she came to the film set of “Game of Thrones” for the first time. The teenager had to work among such well known professional actors as Sean Bean and Peter Dinklage. It was not easy, but Sophie tried her best!
Sophie Turner

Till now Sophie Turner takes part in “The Game of Thrones”. She also took part in other TV and cinema projects. We can see her in the film “Another Me”, where she got her first central role. Soon we will admire the actress in “X-Men: Apocalypse”.

Jean Grey

Sophie Turner

Sophie Turner in X-Men: Apocalypse

In “X-Men: Apocalypse” Sophie Turner’s heroine is Jean Grey. It is a superhero, who has some extra abilities, human beings usually don’t have. Thus it has telepathic skills. Besides Jean Grey is a kind of Phoenix. It can die many times and then becomes alive again.

Such an interesting character is a little too much for 20 year old girl, but Sophie Turner was not afraid of this role. Soon she will present her new screen work to the fans.

The schedule of the young actress is so busy. She takes part in movies. Besides she appears in photoshoots for various fashion magazines. The young woman has ideal measures for it.
Sophie Turner

Body Measurements. Style. Diet Plans

Sophie Turner is an actress, but she easily could become a model. Her body measures are close to ideal 90-60-90. Her height is 175 cm and her weight is just 55 kilos.

Of course, fans usually ask an actress about her diet plans and fitness routine.
Sophie Turner

Sophie tells, that she workouts from time to time, but she has no personal trainer. She is not fond of sports and doesn’t keep to a diet. “I love food more than exercising”, an actress tells. Sophie is too young to have any problems with her weight, so she doesn’t care about her body. She just enjoys herself, as she is.

At the same time the actress knows her weak points and tries to choose clothes that will help to cover all her drawbacks. Thus she has “shoulders of a swimmer”, that’s why an actress never uses halterneck dresses or blouses.

The actress doesn’t care about her style too much. But she tells that she likes bright colors. She is young and she understands, she won’t be young in several years. So she wears red and orange dresses and feels well in them.
Sophie Turner

Sophie’s hair is naturally blond, but she changed the color for red, when started to act as Sansa. Sophie like that style of her hair, but tells that once she dreams to change it for some really unusual and shocking tint.

Sophie has two favorite designers, Dolce and Gabbana and Peter Pilotto. The girl wears shoes from Louis Vuitton and saves her money to get her first bag from Miu Miu.

Sophie Turner

Sophie TurnerSophie is too young to have a boyfriend. But the woman admits, she was crashed a lot of time. Her first love used to be the actor Jack Nicholson. They have never met in real life, but Sophie had dreamed a lot about him!

Sophie Turner is now fresh, young and successful. Good luck her in her career and personal life!

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