A real Aries (born on April, 7), Russell Crowe, one of the best actors of nowadays has got numerous hobbies and interests. The Hollywood sRussell Crowetar was born in New Zealand. However, the whole world has been waiting to see him again and again in American movies. Although the epic Gladiator, Man of Steel and The Insider (the main roles among almost 50 which which made Russell Crowe a legend) is over 50 today, he is still attractive and desired by his fans.

Already in 1972(!) Russell Crowe becomes a small actor. Episodic roles in Spyforce and Orphan gave the talented guy the confidence he can be a movie actor. The time passes, and the future genius with A Beautiful Mind ( 2001 biopic) goes on with his career as an actor again. After performing in New Zealand as a musician under the nickname Russ Le Roq Russell Crowe he writes stage musicals and performs there after. The Bad Boy Johnny and the Prophets of Doom made him popular in New Zealand and Australia.

Russell Crowe Russell Crowe

However, Russell Crowe realizes that to be famous is to star in North American movies. So he does it. Virtuosity and American Gangster and The Quick and the Dead bring him fame. The actor is already a Hollywood star – he co-starred with Sharon Stone and Denzel Washington. But the real success, wealthy, fame and love come to Russell Crowe in 2000. “Gladiator” becomes the Best Actor in Oscar nominations. Later the movies with Crowe again are called the best – these are Gladiator and A Beautiful Mind (for the best picture).

Russell Crowe Russell Crowe

It is very difficult to find somebody who dislikes the great actor and a really good guy Russell Crowe. The Man of Steel (2013) and Noah (2014) , Robin Hood (2010) and American Gangster (2007), simply one of The Nice Guys (we will see it in 2016), he is always interesting to certain people who simply adore Crowe.
Russell Crowe

The Water Diviner (2014) is also known for his philanthropy activity. The Cinderella Man (2005) donated to Jewish elementary school when the school library was destroyed by fire caused by arson. The actor donated to the pool project in rural Australia school. The help of the Hollywood star made kids happy – through they got a really cool swimming pool there. The guy, who knows what is The Proof of Life (2000) is a rugby fan. So that he helps much to Rugby League.

Although Russel Crowe is not usually involved into “around” Hollywood scandals, The Man with the Iron Fists has “built” himself working hard. Such people as Jodie Foster, Mel Gibson, Nicole Kidman and Hugh Jackman are among his best friends. Love to life, his two kids and people around him have become the driving force which made Crowe a Star.

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