Dog MishMash (chocolate Poodle)

Dog Pucci (white Poodle)

We got used to think that models are a kind of spoiled women who lead luxury lifestyle and visit the most exotic places in the world. But Bar Rafaeli is going to prove the opposite.

A 31-year-old Israel model constantly posts photos taken at home or near the swimming-pool making clear that she needs nothing special to feel happy. However, to feel totally pleased she needs something special – her beloved pooches MishMash and Pucci (Poochie).

Bar Refaeli with her dog MishMash

dog MishMash

In one of her interviews, Bar Rafaeli confessed that primarily, the idea of buying the dogs was based on taking companions for travelling. But not everything happens as we wish – the dogs weren’t excited with the idea of trolling the world in a big handbag, so they stay at home now.

Bar Refaeli with her dog Pucci

dog Pucci

It seems that Bar can’t live without her cuddly friends as she is inseparable with them. However, the child’s birth changes a lot in her life. The beauty can’t dedicate as much time as she wants to her dogs. Hopefully, they don’t feel neglected.

Why did Bar Rafaeli choose a teacup Poodle?

There are legends about the intelligence and obedience of this breed. There’s no wonder that he is considered to be one of the smartest dogs in the world. The poodles of all four species, including a teacup poodle, can often be seen in the circus performances of different countries of the world.

Miniature poodle, unlike its counterparts, is very compact; therefore, it’s very suitable for the apartment all sizes. A dog of this breed is ideal pet for families of any size and age. Teacup poodles get on well with children; they are gentle, affectionate and attentive. Besides, toy poodle is odorless and their wool does not molt, that is just another huge bonus to the total long list of advantages of this breed.

Bar Refaeli`s pet - dogs Pucci and MishMash

dogs Pucci and Mishmash

Bar Rafaeli was also noticed several times with other dogs: with a kind of Rottweiler, a little terrier and so on, but we have no confirmed data about those dogs.

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