Date of birth: December 16, 1963 (Age: 52 years)

Height: 6 ft 3 in (188 cm)

Weight: 198 pounds (90 kg)

Benjamin Bratt`s height, weight and age

Benjamin Bratt body measurements:

Waist: 33 in (85 cm)

Chest: 40 in (102 cm)

Biceps: 16 in (40 cm)

Shoe size: 13 (US)/47 (EU)

Hair colour: Black

Eye Color: Dark brown

Benjamin Bratt`s eyes and hair color

You probably remember handsome detective Tom Lone from Catwoman. Yes, it was Benjamin Bratt.

In that film, Ben appeared in a great shape, but it was 12 years ago. So how does the actor manage to stay in shape now?

Let’s have a look.

Law and Order star shared that he tries to eat healthy food and dedicates as much time as he can to his training circuit. But still, the actor has a kind of addiction – he adores coffee and drinks it in enormous amounts.

The famous celeb trainer Harley Pasternak made up a five-factor diet for Benjamin. This diet is said to be easy to keep so that it can be transformed into a lifestyle. The point in this plan is that Benjamin consumes five meals a day that are cooked only in 5 minutes, and consists only of five products.

In addition, Benjamin sticks to such workout program that presupposes 25-minute training 5 times a week. Benjamin is sure that short but often training is more effective than spending long hours at the gym.

The first part of the training is a five-minute cardio warming up. After that, Benjamin has a strength training session. Then goes a set of crunches and twists. Finally, Ben has 5-minute cardio exercises to cool down. That’s all about Benjamin’s Bratt training regime.

Benjamin is a real family man. The actor adores spending time with his children. He often combines this time with a kind of light training – hiking or walking. Besides, Benjamin likes playing golf and surfing.

Here are several advantages of this 5-factor diet:

  1. No feeling of hunger. You’ll never feel deprived of any food as you eat often.
  2. Every week you can have a day of cheating when you can eat what you like.
  3. No supplements.
  4. A little time for cooking.
  5. You can follow this diet wherever you are.

Diet is not always a punishment, it can be easy to keep and stay in a great shape.

Benjamin Bratt`s body shape then and now

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