The famous American singer and actress started her career with TV commercials and later small roles in the serials. First she became widely Lindsay Lohanpopular after the movie “The Trap For Parents”, but in 2007 a career of the girl was interrupted for some time, because the singer was in two serious car accidents. One of the most famous American “party girl” has problems with alcohol and drugs, but she also is the advertising face of the company Louis Vuitton.

ILindsay Lohann Hollywood the girl was predicted a bright future. Lindsay Lohan was in trouble not once: two severe car accidents, a passion for performance-enhancing drugs and constant partying undermined the health and reflected on her appearance.
However, Lindsay does not give it much importance. To be the center of media attention, to attract the paparazzi – that’s her purpose, and she achieves it by any means.

The young actress, like many stars, began to experiment with her own appearance quite early. Mammoplasty, made at the age of 17, opened the way for her in Hollywood. Further experiments were not always successful and directed rather not improving the appearance bur her own PR person. Also there were rumors that Lindsay was doing liposuction. But no one knows for sure.

Lindsay Lohan plastic surgery
Whether Lindsay had a rhinoplasty or is it just the speculation of journalists, it is still unknown, but many believe that the nose of the actresses adjusted by the scalpel of a plastic surgeon. Anyway, Lohan was succeeded, they spoke about her, she was being hunted by paparazzi.

If the correction of the nose passed more or less successfully, Lindsay Lohan clearly overdone with lips. Correction of the shape of the lips was clearly more than once, but the actress, apparently, decided to take the beaten path. Lidsay Lohan surprised everyone by the size of her lips.However, this did not affect the mood of the actress, because the main thing for her is fame and popularity.Lindsay Lohan will celebrate her 29th B-Day in 2015.

Lindsay Lohan photo Before & After

Lindsay Lohan plastic surgery

American star Lindsay Lohan, despite her bad experience, she again increased the size of her lips. According to her fans this experiment was not crowned with success: the actress lips look unnaturally big and bloated.
However, the actress seems not really to concern the opinions of others: she again came under the sights of the cameras through this operation. Taking into account her love for unusual behavior and shocking antics, to be in the spotlight for her is akin to drug addiction. Well, by this logic, the result of the operation really doesn’t have much to worry her, after all, they are talking again about her, and this is probably more significant result.
Lindsay Lohan is quite successful and popular. What other changes are expecting on the face and body of the actress?

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