Date of birth: July 15, 1963 (Age: 53 year)

Height: 6’1” (185 cm)

Weight: 150 pounds (68 kg)

Brigitte Nielsen's height, weight and body measurements

Brigitte Nielsen body measurements:

Chest: 41” (104 cm)

Waist: 23” (59 cm)

Hips: 37” (95 cm)

Bra size: 41E (DD)

Shoe size: 11 (US)/41(EU)

Hair color: Blonde

Eye color: Brown

Brigitte Nielsen's eyes and hair color

What happened to 1980 Hollywood sex symbol Brigitte Nielsen? In her 53 actress and model looks exhausted, but does not give up scandalous lifestyle and bad habits.

About 30 years ago, Bridget Nielsen was considered one of the most desired actresses of Hollywood. She starred in such hits as Red Sonja, Cobra and Police Officer from Beverly Hills 2, and on the top of her popularity she even married Sylvester Stallone. The Danish model with unusually high growth (185 cm) and impressive breasts literally conquered America.

In the 90’s, her fame vanished, Stallone went to other woman, and from multi-million blockbusters Brigitte Nielsen migrated to second-rate erotic pictures, after which she completely abandoned the movie industry focusing on participating in reality shows.

As we all understand, it was her trim body and catching appearance that made her way in this industry.

Note that the woman retained a slim figure, but a few years ago her thinness looked really painful. In 2009 her face even inspired fears about the health of the star.

In the past, Bridget Nielsen struggled with alcoholism for long time, she even starred in a documentary about it. In 2007, the woman went to the rehabilitation center for treatment.

Time goes by and we all change, why not admit that not only ordinary people, but also the stars can grow old? Bridget is sure that fans should be aware of the secrets of the beauty and youth of their idols.

Brigitte Nielsen's height, weight and body measurements

First of all, the diva recovered from alcohol and drug addiction, and then decided to take up her appearance. To this issue the former fashion model approached seriously, and it was she who became the first celebrity in the world who fell under the knife to a surgeon on the air. Bridget herself says that she decided to take such a step, because she considers it ridiculous to hide such facts. Also, the actress claims that such an act is a kind of message to all these beauties who hide the secrets of their youth. But it seems that Nielsen in this way just wanted to draw attention to her personality.

Her body doesn’t look like it used to years ago and no plastic surgery can take her back to that time.

Brigitte Nielsen's height, weight and body measurements

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