Bill Clinton  Parents:

William Jefferson Blythe II (father), Roger Clinton (stepfather), Virginia Cassidy Clinton (mother)

Bill Clinton  Parents

Roger Clinton (stepfather), Virginia Cassidy Clinton (mother)

Bill Clinton Siblings:

Roger Clinton (half brother)

Bill Clinton Family

Bill Clinton, Roger Clinton

Bill Clinton Marital Status:


Bill Clinton Wife:

Hillary Clinton

Bill Clinton Family

Hillary Clinton, Bill Clinton

Bill Clinton Children:

Chelsea Clinton- Mezvinsky (daughter with Hillary Clinton)

Bill Clinton Children

Chelsea Clinton- Mezvinsky with her Husband

There’s no person in the world, who doesn’t know the name of the former American President Bill Clinton. We know him as a talented governor, successful lawyer and a person, who cheated his wife. Is family life really important to Bill Clinton?

Bill Clinton’s biological father died in a car accident several months before his son birth. Bill’s mother left him in her parent’s house and moved to New Orleans to get her education. Thus during several years Bill was raised by his grandparents, who taught the boy to read and to count at a very young age.

When his mother got degree in nursery, she came home with a new husband, Roger Clinton. Later she gave a birth to her second son; Roger Jr. Bill’s stepfather was physically violent and had alcohol addiction. Very soon Bill, who was tall and quite strong, stopped his stepfather’s violence, when threatened to hit him in response. Thus Roger Sr. stopped beating Bill’s mother and brother, but continued drinking. That’s why Virginia got divorced soon.

Bill Clinton Family

Bill Clinton. Family

Bill Clinton was frightened by family problems and that’s why was very careful while choosing the wife for himself. He entered Yale law school, where met a great woman Hillary Rodham. The couple started dating and Bill fell in love with her great sense of humor, wisdom and ambitions. In 1975 he proposed Hilary and they got married. Bill and Hilary were married in their new house and only 15 people attended the ceremony. On the 27th of February, 1980 they welcomed their only daughter, Chelsea.

Bill Clinton Family

Bill Clinton, Hillary Clinton, Chelsea

Everyone remembers the sex scandal, in which Bill was involved. He had an affair with White House intern Monica Lewinsky. Some other women insisted, they had an affair with Bill too. Hilary was very hurt by the scandal, but decided to forgive her husband. In September, 2015 the Clintons celebrated their 40th anniversary.

Bill Clinton Family

Bill Clinton, Hillary Clinton

Bill Clinton is not just a father, he is a grandfather too. He has a granddaughter, Charlotte (born September, 26, 2014) and grandson Aidan (born June, 18, 2016).

Bill Clinton is not interested in any other woman, except Hilary now. He enjoys their family life!

Bill Clinton Family

Bill Clinton. Family

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