She is a famous actress, but acting is not the only thing she does in her life. Maika Monroe is crazy from travelling and she tries to visit another cities and countries as soon as possible. She is also known due to her sports achievements. Maika Monroe kiteboarding is another reason to respect this tender woman. She started this sport at the age of 13 and was very successful in doing it.

Maika Monroe Maika Monroe

Now she got international fame due to her great movies and due to her love affairs with the most handsome and the richest men in the world. Maika Monroe age is just 22 but her dating history is long enough.

Maika Monroe Biography

Dillon Monroe Buckley was born in 1993 on the 29th of May. Her birthplace is Santa Barbara, CA. She is a daughter of Dixie Buckley, who earned her living, being a sign language interpreter, and Jack Buckley, who was a constructor. She changed her name for Maika in her teens and thus her friends called her at school.
Maika Monroe

Her father was fond of sports and it was he, who introduced the girl to kiteboarding. When she was senior school pupil, her family moved to Dominican Republic. There she continued her education online and devoted her free time to athletic. As an athlete she was very successful and won numerous competitions. For example, she was the second one in the Red Bull Air Competition.

But gradually acting caught her attention. At first she took part in commercials. Then she was noticed by film producers and was invited for small roles in the movies. Her first movie was “At Any Price” that was released in 2012. There she co-acted Zac Efron. Maika Monroe and Zac Efron screen duo was one of the reasons of the popularity of the movie.

Maika Monroe

In 2013 the actress met her big break. She co-acted Oscar winning Kate Winslet in the movie “Labor Day”. Now the movie list of an actress includes 14 screen works. Her latest movie is “The 5th Wave”, where her heroine was Ringer. Maika Monroe actress is keeping becoming successful. Maika Monroe woman is keeping changing her lovers.

It Follows – Maika Monroe Interview

Maika Monroe Dating

  1. Zac Efron and Maika Monroe

The actress is very busy with her movies. She says it is the best thing in her age to be busy with the career making and not to be involved in numerous love stories. At the same time Maika admits that she is very romantic, that’s why she can fall in love easily. So when she saw muscled blue-eyed brunette Zac Efron at a film set (both took part in the movie “At Any Price”), she couldn’t resist his charm.

The actor, who was 6 years older than an actress, suffered from his unhappy love to Vanessa Hudgens. Maika Monroe tried her best to make the actor forget his long time girlfriend. Their love affair was passionate but short. It was over soon after the premiere of their film.

Maika Monroe

But the actress didn’t suffer a lot. Soon she met her next lover.

  1. Maika Monroe – Taylor Lautner

The ex-boyfriend of Selena Gomez met Maika Monroe soon after her split with Efron. The handsome actor invited the blond actress and athlete to the baseball match, when they seemed to be interested in one another much more than in the game. The actor took his loved one by hand and she watched at him during the whole match, becoming extremely shy, when paparazzi tried to catch them.
Maika Monroe

Their love affair was short too and soon the beautiful actress remained single again.

  1. Maika Monro – Liam Hemsworth

Liam Hemsworth, tall and handsome Italian, was depressed, when met Maika Monroe at some party. He had been dating Miley Cyrus for five years, that’s why he felt extremely upset, when they had to split.

Young, fresh and extremely enthusiastic Maika Monroe taught an actor to smile again. He fell in love rapidly, was extremely persistent in his intention to invite the woman for a date. He even took Maika to his parents’ house and introduced his new girlfriend as “the winner” and “the person, who made him love again”. But soon his passion seemed to calm down. He thought about his relationship with Miley again and again and admitted that his feelings to Cyrus would always remain strong.

Maika Monroe

Maika Monroe felt disappointed. She was ready to become single again.

  1. Nick Robinson

She still was upset by the end of her love affair with Liam, when read the news in the local newspaper about her love affair with The 5th Wave co-star Nick Robinson. Sweet and young Nick had always been her close friend, but she had never dreamed about him as about romantic hero. He was her dear brother, her help and support, but there was no passion between the actors. She tried to explain to her fans about her friendly feelings towards Nick, but it was so hard to persuade everyone that they were not in love that she stopped explaining.

Maika Monroe & Nick Robinson interview for The 5th Wave

  1. Maika Monroe and Boyd Holbrook

The actor Boyd Holbrook is currently dating Maika Monroe. He laughed, when read about the affair of his girlfriend with Nick Robinson. The coupe is so close, that they are about to move together. Boyd and Maika tried to cover their relationship from paparazzi, but they were caught, having dinner at Eveleigh in West Hollywood. They two seemed so happy and Boyd behaved like a real gentleman. Probably, the young beauty has already found “that same man”.

Maika Monroe

Maika Monroe has not much free time for her relationship with a boyfriend. She has a lot of work to do. Last year she was busy every day. She had just one month vacation, which she spent in Australia. It is hard to be a star, isn’t it?

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