Height:  179 cmTaylor Lautner

Weight: 78 kg

Date of birth: February 11, 1992 (Age: 24)

Taylor Lautner is a young man but still, he can boast by a great popularity he gained at the age of 23. Having played the role of Jacob Black in a much-talked-of saga The Twilight, he quickly rose to popularity. Taylor has a great variety of admirers and film directors constantly offer him the leading parts.

A future actor was born in a small town Grand Rapids, Michigan in an ordinary family. His parents wanted their son to be a sporty man, so at the age of six he started attending karate. Quickly Taylor achieved success in this kind of sport and in a year he represented USA at the sport competition. At the age of 12 Taylor became the owner of a great number of awards.

Taylor LautnerHis trainer threw out a hint to become an actor. Taylor started visiting various casting sessions and later he felt that he liked it. Together with his family a young boy went to Florida because in this town it was much easier to receive a role. His dreams about acting career came true in 2001. At this period Taylor debuted in the comedy series My Wife and Kids. After the first success the Lautners moved to Loss Angeles and attended various casting sessions more often. Gradually the filmography of a young actor was appended by new films. But Taylor Lautner decided to take a break and was going to study.Taylor Lautner

He made a break for two years. However, the return of a young actor to the cinema was  triumphal. In 2008 he was offered a role in the film Twilight, which soon became very popular and hardly there is a person in the whole world who doesn’t hear anything about this film. In order to correspond to the role he played in this film, the actor was made to attend solarium, a gym and wear a wig. The role of a young and sexy werewolf quickly made Taylor popular and recognizable all over the world. The continuation of this saga brought him more fame and he had even fan clubs in various cities. There was a situation when one of his fans committed a suicide in 2011 because she couldn’t live without her favorite actor. If to speak about the film genres he chooses it is necessary to say that Taylor stars mostly in comedies, fantasies and thrillers.

Speaking about his personal life it is necessary to mention that the news concerning his love affairs constantly appear in press. He has so many admirers that it seems to be that every girl would date with him. He is a tall and sexy man with mysterious hazel eyes. It is rumoured that he dated with Selena Gomez, Lily Collins and Taylor Swift. Taylor Swift even devoted a song to their relationship.

Taylor Lautner

Taylor Lautner and Selena Gomes

Taylor Launter and Taylor Swift

Taylor Launter and Taylor Swift

Besides the fact that Taylor is a successful sportsman and an actor he is a handsome man and can boast by one of the sexiest bodies in Hollywood. Now the most popular “werewolf” in Hollywood has an interesting and full of emotions life. His work brings him not only serious money but fame and satisfaction too.

By the way, despite of the fact that Taylor has a great number of admirers he is not registered in any of the social networks.

Taylor Lautner 1 (Letterman)

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