Christina Ricci Height, Weight, Age

Christina Ricci

Date of Birth: 12 February, 1980 (Age: 36)

Height: 155 cm (5 ft 1)

Weight: 49 kg (108 pounds)

Christina Ricci measurements:

Breast size: 89 cm (35 in)

Waist size: 59 cm (23 in)

Hips: 87 cm (34 in)

Feet size: 6 US (36 EU)

Eye color: Hazel

Hair Color: Brown

Christina Ricci hated sports and liked movies from the earliest years. She was born in a family of a lawyer (father) and a former model (mother) and very often the girl copied her parents voices so skillfully, that made them both laugh.

When the family moved to New York, Christina got the chance to become an actress. She was casted in her first movie at the age of 9. She portrayed Kate Flax in “The Mermaids”. Soon Christina got invitations to many other movies and TV series. The girl managed to turn from a promising young star into a famous adult star. We know her due to participation in such movie hits as “Sleepy Hollow”, “Buffalo ’66”, “Addams Family Values” and others.

Now Christina looks perfect either in her movies or at various parties and red carpet events. To achieve that look the woman had to keep to a strict diet. Christina gained 10 extra pounds at the age of 16. The girl hated her reflection in the mirror and was ready to quit her acting career.

Christina Ricci Height, Weight, Age

Christina Ricci

She was inspired by Johnny Depp, when she met occasionally at some of numerous parties, which she visited during that period. The girl decided to struggle with extra kilos. Christina Ricci excluded fat products from her ration at all. She ate just vegetables and proteins and soon the young beauty lost 10 kilos.

The problem was that Christina had become almost anorexic. She hated food and refused to eat even a piece of bread or dark chocolate.

Now Christina Ricci is a married mother. Her husband is James Heerdegen. They have a child together. Christina weight is just 53 kg. She tries to eat healthy food, but she never keeps to strict diets. If she feels, that she had too much for dinner or she ate some extremely tasty, but forbidden dish, she tries to get rid of extra calories with the help of workout.

Ricci likes Pilates fitness routine. She feels that this system helps her to stay slim and strong at the same time. She does Pilates for abs, butts and arms.

Christina Ricci workouts mostly at home, but sometimes she visits gym too. The girl likes to walk on the treadmill and likes pedaling on simulators.

Like any other miniature woman, Christina knows that each extra kilo can spoil her sweet and almost childish look, that’s why she tries her best to stay well fitted all the time.

Christina Ricci Height, Weight, Age

Christina Ricci

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