Bodhi Elfman Height, Weight

Bodhi Elfman with Wife

Date of Birth: 19 July, 1969 (age: 46)

Height: 175 cm (5 ft 9)

Weight: 68 kg (115 pounds)

Eye color: Blue

Hair Color: Brown

Bodhi Elfman is a popular actor, who comes from an outstanding Hollywood family. Bodhi Elfman is of average height (175 cm), he is quite thin (68 kg) and he has pleasant open face.

Bodhi Elfman is not very young already, but he looks great and he has enough energy to participate in new projects. Does Bodhi Elfman practice any special fitness routine or have any diet secrets, which help him look much younger of his age?

It is not known, if Bodhi Elfman was interested in sports in his early years. He was born in a family of an actor and film director Richard Elfman, so Bodhi was close to filmmaking since childhood. He made his debut on television in the series “Life Goes On”, where he had a small role in one of the episodes. The he took part in a number of big screen movies. Bodhi Elfman’s most famous films are “Armageddon”, “Mercury Rising”, “Godzilla” and many others.

Bodhi Elfman is busy with his career, but he finds the time for his family life too. Bodhi is married an actress, Jenna Elfman. The young people got acquainted, when both passed audition to Sprite commercials. They started dating in 1992 and three years later they got married.

Bodhi and Jenna Elfman have been married for 21 happy years. They are the parents of two great boys. Very often the couple is noticed together at various parties and ceremonies. Although Jenna Elfman is 3 cm higher than her loved one and she likes to wear high heeled shoes, so seems even taller, this difference is not important for them.

Bodhi Elfman Height, Weight

Bodhi Elfman with Wife

Bodhi Elfman’s wife is a trained ballerina. As the actor tells about himself, he is a trained “ballerina watcher”. Nevertheless Bodhi confessed that he had taken dancing classes. Probably, dancing helps Bodhi remain thin and not to gain extra weight. Bodhi Elfman didn’t share more information about his workout routine.

The star seems to be against dieting as he once wrote in social media that “his wife is keeping to a diet, consisted mostly of shakes, soup and bitch sauce”. The actor wrote about the diet with such disapproval, that it seems he is not the fan of dieting. In his interviews Bodhi told numerous times that he has secret passion towards cupcakes and dark chocolate. So, it seems that the star is not keeping to any diet. Probably, he is genetically thin and that’s why he allows himself to eat some very tasty, but forbidden products.

Bodhi Elfman is a good looking and funny person and it helped him to catch the hearts of many people worldwide.

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