Dog Bit Bit (Chihuahua)

Dog Hannah (Yorkie)

Dog London (Yorkshire terrier) – since 2007

Dog Lacy Loo (Maltese)

Dog Lucky (Chihuahua)

Having a pet sometimes can be a very expensive pleasure, especially if you have enough money to spend.

Dog Bit Bit, Dog Hannah, Dog London

Dog Bit Bit,
Dog Hannah, Dog London

There was a case with Britney that revealed the immense sum of money which the singer spent on her pets. According to the report, in 2015 Britney Spears spent 37 360 dollars on the care for her pets. In addition, everytime when any of the dogs has a new hairdo, it costs at least 300 dollars.

There are a lot of jokes that say that even after her divorce Britney always has her dog. Bit Bit is the singer’s great consolation and joy.

Being a big pet lover, Britney is often seen in a company of her beloved Maltese Lacy Loo. The dog looks like a real Hollywood star. The cameras don’t embarrass this furry creature.

Britney was so obsessed with all her four-legged friends that she took them almost everywhere. The pets became real public stars. But it was obvious that it couldn’t last for long. Sometime later, Britney changed the pets to children, and now, she is more frequently seen in a company of her son.

You won’t be surprised reading that Hannah has her personal Twitter account. It probably became a rule among the Hollywood celebrities to create pets’ accounts in different social networks.

Dog Lucky

Dog Lucky

Though, the singer’s dogs have everything they want, there is a question – what happened to London? The point is that the dog wasn’t heard about since 2010. Hopefully, it’s alright.

Another sad story concerns Lucky. The dog couldn’t get on with Britney’s ex-husband. Every time when Kevin came too close to the puppy, the dog bit him or barked. Kevin said that Britney has to make a choice – he or a dog. Britney had to break up with her beloved pet, but the sources said that the singer visited Lucky when Kevin was away.

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