Date of birth: August 16, 1982 (Age: 34 years)

Height: 6′ 1(185 cm)

Weight: 176 pounds (80 kg)

Cam Gigandet`s height, weight and age

Cam Gigandet body measurements:

Waist: 31(79 cm)

Chest: 42″ (107 cm)

Biceps: 16″ (41 cm)

Shoe size: 10 (US)/43 (EU)

Hair colour: Dark brown (dyed blonde)

Eye Color: Blue

Cam Gigandet`s eyes and hair color

Fans know that Cam Gigandet pumped up his body for the role in the movie Never Back Down. It’s quite visible while comparing with photos of the time of Twilight shooting. The process of transformation from a typical ectomorph (183 cm, 70 kg) into a toned athlete took about a year.

In an interview Cam said that the first three months of training were the most difficult – every day had to spend several hours in the gym, and his diet consisted exclusively of high-protein food.

Cam Gigandet`s body transformationNutrition

In order to gain lean muscle mass with minimal fat percentage, Gigandet stuck to low-carb diet that was rich in protein. He has been eating small meals 6-7 times a day.

A variation of such a diet is a ketogenic diet, which makes body work harder and use body fat as energy resource. The main advantage of the diet is that you do not burn muscle mass, as it occurs in other diets.

Training program

The basis of the training program were the most common basic exercises and training of different body parts on different days.

Monday – chest training. Push-ups, bench press, bench press rod in the slope and, of course, numerous exercises on different simulators.

Tuesday – back day. Pull-ups, pull of the block, the thrust rod.

Wednesday – shoulders’ turn. On Wednesday, Cam practiced numerous exercises using dumbbell.

On Thursday the actor pumped up his arms by raising the bar to the biceps, lifting EZ-Rod, “the hammer” with dumbbells and triceps pull block.

Friday – running day with the palpitations from 65-75% to the maximum

Saturday and Sunday – days off.Cam Gigandet`s height, weight and age

Note that Cam didn’t do ant separate exercise to the press. This once again proves that basic training has the same effect on the abdominal muscles. If you want to speed up the formation of cubes on your stomach just work hard and control your eating.

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