Weight: 80 kg

Height: 173 cm

Age: 62
Candy Carson

Mrs. Carson is tall, she is quite chubby and her face is not ideal. Her style of clothing is criticizing all the time. In case her husband, candidate for Presidency, will win in 2016, she will become the first lady. Most of Americans think, the main Lady in their country must look more elegant.

Yes, Candy Carson doesn’t look like a model, but she is a lovely and talented woman and her resume is impressive too.

Candy Carson on the View

Candy Carson Biography

Candy Garson was born in Detroit. There she lived with her mother, a teacher, and her father, a factory worker. She has four siblings.

The family of Lacena (Candy) was extremely poor. But she was a smart student, active and knowledgeable, that’s why she entered Yale University. There she met her husband, Ben Carson.

Most of people can’t believe that this elegant and extremely talented doctor fell in love with that woman, who is neither beautiful, nor classy. But their love story is quite interesting.
Candy Carson

Candy Garson Love Story

Ben Carson biography is the sample for everybody. He is s successful neurosurgeon, politician, author of several books (some of which became bestsellers) and a father of three sons. But his success is not just the result of his talent and hard work. It is also the result of constant care and support of his wife.

Dr. Ben Carson worked as the director of pediatric neurosurgery at Johns Hopkins Hospital. He got this position when he was just 33, thus being the first Afro-American, who occupied that post, and the youngest director in the hospital’s history.

To prove that he was worth that position, he spent days and nights in hospital. Ben Carson wife stayed and home and brought up her three sons, Murray, Benjamin Jr., and Rhoeyce. She used to be a musician before her marriage. She played the violin.
Candy Carson

But Candy Carson was ready to leave her job and to care about her sons, while her husband was busy although from time to time she felt like a single mother. In fact, Candy thought, her husband had to work a lot. It was the reason, why he stayed alive that awful night, when they were on their way from Detroit to Yale.

When Candy was a student, she missed her home at Detroit. Of course, she dreamed to come home for Christmas, but she has no opportunity, because she was lack of money. The same thing happened to fellow student Ben, two years older. He was also from Detroit and dreamed to earn enough money to come home on the 25th of December. Both of them asked administration of their faculty to sponsor their ride home. The students were given their money, but the administration asked them to do some recruiting job. While doing their job, Candy and Ben got closer. He felt that this ordinary, not extremely beautiful but very kind girl had a great heart, was clever and talented. They got closer during their work and decided to come home together. They spent great holidays and decided to hire a car to return to Yale. Ben drove the whole night and got asleep just being at the wheel. Candy was sleeping too and both they got up, when the car lost its way. Ben managed to take the vehicle under control before the accident had happened. The young people felt, the death was close. They thought, God saved their lives, because they had to do something important for their country.
Candy Carson

That very time they decided to spend their life together. Both of them were great in their job. Most of people associate Candy Carson with her husband and think, she means nothing without him. But in fact she had great resume too. She was a perfect violin player. Then she was the best wife and mother. Later she became the co-author of her husband’s books. After that she became the director of Carson Scholars Fund. Candy and Ben created this fund to award pupils of 4-11 grades, who were successful in math or other sciences and who showed their humanitarian qualities. Candy tells, it is important for her to support talented pupils, because young athletes become awarded with scholarship very often, but young mathematicians get just a certificate.

Now Ben Carson is running for presidency. Wife of presidential candidate has her own reasons to support her husband’s campaign.Candy Carson

The Reasons Candy Carson Supports Her Husband’s Campaign

Ben Carson family is happy enough. His wife and he have three sons and many grandchildren. Candy has been Ben’s wife during 40 years. And she has her own reasons to support his campaign.

Both, Ben and Candy Carson appeared at some popular TV show as co-authors of a famous book “A More Perfect Union”. There Candy explained, that the reason, why she supports her husband’s bid for Presidency is her grandchildren. Earlier she didn’t want her retired neurosurgeon to continue his career as a politician. But then she became a grandmother and understood, they need to care about the next generation.  They leave their grandchildren national debt – and that’s why Candy is worrying about them. She hopes, her husband will do something with the debt if he gets the post.
Candy Carson

Every successful man shares his success with a woman, who cares about him – his wife. Candy Carson is the best support and best friend of her husband.

Ben and Candy Carson pen new book about the Constitution

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