Carrie Ann Inaba Height, Weight, Age

Carrie Ann Inaba

Date of Birth: 5 January, 1968 (Age: 48)

Height: 168 cm (5 ft 6)

Weight: 55 kg (121 pounds)

Carrie Ann Inaba measurements:

Breast size: 90 cm (35 in)

Waist size: 71 cm (28 in)

Hips: 94 cm (37 in)

Feet size: 6 US (36 EU)

Eye color: Brown

Hair Color: Black

You may know Carrie Ann Inaba as the only one female judge of the show “Dancing with the Stars”, but she is also popular as a very beautiful woman, who remains great at any age and who has hot well shaped body. Carrie Ann’s body measurements show that she has big bra size and that her hips and quite curvy. Carrie Ann Inaba’s figure belongs to pear body type, when the hips are a little wider than shoulders, and we know exactly that Inaba looks perfect in bikini.

Carrie Ann Inaba has become successful and internationally popular, when she managed to become a contest judge in DWTS. But work in legendary TV show is not the only credit in her resume because Carrie Ann started her career, being a child. Her first prominent screen job, which made her name internationally recognizable was the role of Fook Yu in the movie “Austin Powers in Goldmember”. From 1990 to 1992 Carrie Ann Inaba captured the hearts of people all over the world, when she starred in the series “In Living Color”.

Carrie Ann Inaba doesn’t like to tell her fans about her age, because she looks much younger. When you look at this young and very beautiful woman, you think that she is the healthiest and the happiest person in the world.

Carrie Ann Inaba Height, Weight, Age

Carrie Ann Inaba

Frankly speaking, the star has severe problems with her heath, one of them is low eyesight and the other is spinal stenosis. When Carrie Ann Inaba hosted “1 vs 100”, she had to spend almost 10 hours daily in heels, and it caused severe back pain. To get rid of bad symptoms, Carrie uses an inversion table and she also gets acupuncture massage.

Carrie Ann Inaba has great body, but she never keeps to a diet, because she thinks that life is too short for it. But she keeps in mind that fresh food is always better than junk food and chooses dishes to her menu from that point of view.

Like a dance judge, she prefers dancing kinds of workout, like zumba fitness or cardio ballroom workout. To make her fitness routine more easy and interesting, Carrie Ann Inaba practices yoga and Pilates from time to time.

Being one of the most beautiful women on TV, Carrie is not so happy in her personal life. She had never been married and her romantic engagement to Jesse Sloan, who proposed her live-streamed, ended with nothing.

Now the DWTS star tries to become a happy wife for the second time, she is rumored to date an actor Robb Derringer, and they two are very serious!

Carrie Ann Inaba Height, Weight, Age

Carrie Ann Inaba

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