Date of birth: December 1, 1958 (Age: 58 years)

Height: 4’11” (150 cm)

Weight: 105 pounds (48 kg)

Charlene Tilton's height, weight and body measurements

Charlene Tilton body measurements:

Chest: 35” (89 cm)

Waist: 24” (61 cm)

Hips: 35” (89 cm)

Bra size: 32C

Shoe size: Unknown

Hair color: Blonde

Eye color: Blue

Charlene Tilton's eyes and hair color

Sometimes we hear something like “nothing can be worse than aging for a woman”. If you agree, feel free to discuss it right here, but Charlene Tilton has totally opposite view.

This woman is not afraid of getting older. Even at the dawn of her career she was brave enough to play mature personages.

It’s not a secret at all that lots of celebrities turn to plastic surgery serves to prolong their youth and beauty. Charlene admitted that she does not reject such service completely, but she really needs to have a strong reason for this. The tricky moment is that she is afraid of any kind of doctors, so the reason for such intrusion should be really strong.

The star confessed that her body type is far from ideal, that’s why she can’t relax while thinking about her figure. She gains weight easily and fast. Nevertheless, Charlene Tilton has never stuck to any specific diet plan, neither restricted she the eating of tasty food.

A few years ago the actress stopped smoking and gave up drinking alcohol. She feels better now, and it couldn’t but reflected on her figure.

There’s a myth that quitting smoking leads to weight gain, but Charlene admits that she just controlled her eating habits at that period of time.

Charlene Tilton had also appeared on Dancing on Ice show where she impressed everyone with her performance. She was not sporty till that time, but preparation to the show requires much training. At the very beginning, the star got tired very fats, but with time it changed.

Charlene Tilton's height, weight and body measurements

In everyday life the actress doesn’t train. She doesn’t like it and doesn’t feel any need for it. She feels comfortable in her own body and doesn’t want to change her natural charm.

Such approach is really reasonable, especially if the actress is sure that her fans love her as she is.

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