Date of birth: June 02, 1954 (Age 64)

Full name: Dennis Dexter Haysbert

Born place: San Mateo, California, USA

Height: 6’ 5” (194 cm)

Weight: 90 kg (198 pounds)

Hair color: Black

Eye color: Dark Brown

Dennis Haysbert's eyes and hair color

Dennis Haysbert is a rather talented actor who has left a mark on the entertainment industry through his role as David Palmer in the popular television series 24.

He has also attained much fame through the American period film titled Far from Heaven, which eventually earned him a Satellite and a Washington D.C Area Film Critic Association Award.

However, Haybert’s career had been launched long before this as he got his first screen exposure in an episode of the drama series Lou Grant, where he played the Victor character.

The following year, he branched into movie acting portraying the Lt. Harrigan role in the comedy film Scoring. Towards the end of the 90’s, his career experienced a boost as he got a recurring role in the television series Now and Again. Impeccably acting as Dr. Theodore Morris in the series earned him a Saturn Award.

In his youth, Haysbert was a hunk of a guy with his outlined biceps and built up figure, he kept his hair full at an average length and preferred the baby face look keeping neither beards nor moustache.

Regarding his physique, he has worked hard at maintaining his lean figure. Since he was very athletic as a youth and he played in his high school team, healthy habits were embedded in him which made maintaining his body easier for him to do.

He, therefore, ensures that he engages in as much exercise that is safe for his age as he combines it with healthy meals. As he advanced in age, Haysbert opted for a shorter hairstyle and began to keep his beards.

Dennis Haysbert's height, weight and age

With Mother Nature dishing out to him his own fair share of grey hair, it became an asset for him as these hair strands perfectly blended with his dark beards giving him a ravishing look. Even as he is over 60 years old, Haysbert keeps looking as stunning as ever.

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