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LeBron James doesn’t need an introduction, as he has already become an international sports phenomenon. His statistics prove that LeBron is one of the most talented players of all time. In the 2010s, he was ranked as the NBA’s best player many times in a row. Each talented person needs some special space in his life where he can relax, drop his stellar gloss and become an ordinary human being. For LeBron, that space is filled with his family: his wife, Savannah, and their three kids Zhuri Nova, Bronny and Bryce James.

Savannah James: A Family Woman and Social Activist

Savannah James wife Lebron

Many women around the planet consider LeBron as the sexiest man alive. But he has never put himself on the dating market. His heart was stolen by a beautiful, strong lady in his teens. Then-rising basketball star James met Savannah Brinson in 2002. At that time, both were students of rival schools. While LeBron played for a basketball team at St. Vincent, Savannah was a cheerleader at Buchtel. They crossed their ways through a common friend, then started dating, and then got married in 2013.

For many women worldwide, Savannah James (born in 1986) is a role model. The daughter of Jennifer and JK Brinson, she grew up with four older siblings. She comes from a faithful Christian family.

Brinson was just 18 when she got pregnant by LeBron. In 2004 she welcomed her first son. Three years later, she became the mother of another boy, Bryce. She welcomed her daughter Zhuri in 2014, a year after

LeBron James children

Of course, Savannah didn’t need to work as her husband was a millionaire (later a billionaire). But she had never stayed on the laurels.

The woman used to run a Juice Shop, where she sold organics drinks, in Florida. She had to close it before moving back to Ohio with her sons and LeBron. After that, she worked as an interior designer. Besides, she was always involved in charity.

In each interview, LeBron assesses his wife as the person who keeps their family together.

Bronny James: LeBron’s Successor

Bronny James

LeBron’s first son is also his namesake. But the boy prefers the short variant “Bronny”. He was born on October 6, 2004. Bronny has been playing basketball since his primary school years. Obviously, he inherited his father’s talent.

Since 2019 he has been a guard for the strong basketball team at Sierra Canyon. It seems that Bronny has already made a decision about his future career. He wants to follow his father’s footsteps and become an NBA player. As of 2023, he skillfully plays for the USC Trojans.

In July 2023, Bronny had a cardiac arrest just during the training at the Galen Center. It was explained by the inborn heart defect. Doctors ensured Bronny and his fans that his heart issues wouldn’t prevent him from making a successful career in the NBA.

Bryce James: LeBron’s Second Successor

In her interview with “Vanity Fair”, Savannah called Bryce “the mystery of their family”. The boy isn’t still sure about his future. He plays basketball, but still didn’t choose it as his career.
Bryce entered this world on June 14, 2007. He is the only member of James’ family to wear glasses. Bryce used to play basketball as a shooting guard at Sierra Canyon before his transfer to Notre Dame High. He returned to Sierra Canyon in November 2023 to become an eligible player on its team immediately.

Zhuri James: LeBron’s Little Princess

Zhuri James

Zhuri became a great addition to the James breed. Born on October 22, 2014, she became the most precious and pampered member of the family. Nowadays, the girl joins her school studying with hosting a YouTube lifestyle show, “All Things Zhuri”. She has already accumulated 205k subscribers.

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