Date of birth: March 11, 1979 (Age 38)

Full name: Benjamin Levi Madden

Born Place: Waldorf, Maryland, US

Height: 5’7’’ (170 cm)

Weight: 76 kg (167.5 pounds)

Benji Madden's height, weight and body measurements

Benji Madden’s body measurements:

Chest: 43” (109 cm)

Waist: 34” (86 cm)

Biceps: 16” (41 cm)

Hair color: Brown

Eye color: Hazel

Benji Madden's eyes and hair color

Benji Madden is a multi-talented musician, guitarist, vocalist, songwriter and occasional actor. To all the movie fans that are not really into the music world, Benji is just the husband of the gorgeous Hollywood star – Cameron Diaz. Little had they realised that he already created a successful career for himself and was popular in the music world before he met Cameron.

It all began when Benji was a child. He had interests in sports as well as music and did all he could to develop those skills. He shared this music passion with his twin brother and they went ahead to start a band Good Charlotte in 1996.

He and his twin brother Joel were not just connected by birth but grew to share the same passions and chased them together.

In 2002 he and Joel both caught an interest in fashion and opened the clothing line Made Clothing. After a while, they had to close the clothing line but that didn’t discourage them. In 2006 they made a comeback with a clothing company DCMA Collectives which also eventually closed down.

In 2011, they changed the name of their band to The Madden Brothers.

Benji’s musical experience allowed him to venture into the movie industry in 2001 with his first role as a band member in the movie Not Another Teen Movie.

This encounter with acting broadened him as he occasionally made appearances in movies and television shows while building his musical career.

Benji went ahead to chase his interest in sports and began boxing. By 2010 he took part in a match at Las Vegas against Riki Rachtman and knocked him out in less than 2 minutes into the first round.

Benji Madden's height, weight and body measurements

Benji’s interests for sports had kept him active and fit as he balanced it with a healthy diet giving him a trim figure. As his career began to get more intense and overwhelming, Benji started to neglect his regular workouts and healthy eating causing him to put on a bit of weight.

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