Date of birth: December 22, 1972 (Age: 43 years)

Height: 5′ 3″ (160 cm)

Weight: 119 pounds (54 kg)

Vanessa Paradis body measurements:

Waist: 25″ (59 cm)

Chest: 34″ (87 cm)

Hips: 33″ (84 cm)

Bra size: 32B

Shoe size: 8,5 (US)/39(EU)

Hair colour: Naturally brown

Eye Color: Green

Vanessa Paradis`eyes and hair color

An actress Vanessa Paradis has always stood out with her toned figure. Even the birth of two children didn’t spoil the slender form of Johnny Depp’s ex-wife. From the very childhood, Paradis was too thin, however, and she has some secrets of how to keep the body in perfect shape.

Vanessa Paradis prefers a diet called “Zone”. It was developed in 1996 by an American doctor Barry Sears. The essence of the diet is that when placing the body in a favorable environment, it starts to clean itself and it gets rid of excess weight.

This diet doesn’t require starving. After all, you need to eat often, but in small portions. Ideally it’s three main meals and two snacks. This diet can help you to control the production of insulin, which regulates the amount of fat and sugar in blood.

The ratio of carbohydrates, proteins and fats in Zone-diet is – 40/30/30. The bulk of carbohydrates Vanessa gets from vegetables, herbs, fruits and legumes; proteins derive from lean poultry, meat and fish, low fat cheese, eggs and tofu. Besides, Vanessa Paradis rejected sugar. She abstains from bread and bakery products, pasta, potatoes, rice, fast-cooked cereals and sweet fruit.

Vanessa’s diet consists of three important components: vegetable fats, carbohydrates and proteins. Usually, she keeps this diet not more than 14 days.

After a loud divorce, the actress has long been depressed, scaring fans and colleagues with much older and exhausted look. Today, the star shines at social events, impressing with elegant style and beauty.

It turns out that Vanessa’s slim figure is the result of hard training, detox diet and beauty procedures. Beauty salons, fitness facilities and strict control over the meals – this helps Paradis to be in shape with height of 160 cm.

She practices yoga while traveling and filming; she takes care of the skin of the face with a manic obsession.

Yoga helps her to be in good physical shape. Vanessa does not neglect workouts even while recording albums and traveling the world, despite the fact that she is not very fond of the physical work and exercise.

Secondly, Vanessa Paradis gave up smoking after years of living with this bad habit. The main stimuluses that prompted her to get rid of smoking were, of course, children and the fear of premature skin aging.

Vanessa Paradis`height, weight and ageBut the main secret of her youth is not a healthy lifestyle and diet, but the care after her face.

Nature didn’t give Vanessa Paradis perfect skin, it is especially noticeable in photographs taken after the birth of her two children. That is why the actress has developed for herself a whole system of morning and evening treatments. Particular attention is paid to cleansing and moisturizing the face, neck and décolleté.

To protect her skin from aggressive sunlight, Vanessa Paradis almost never appears in the sun without a wide-brimmed hat. Because of this, she has often been the object of derision, as her outfits are sometimes very absurd. But the actress remains faithful to herself.

One can’t but pay attention to the fact that Vanessa Paradis is not too emotional. She’s rarely heartily laughing or crying, even her smile, in spite of the charm, seems to say that Vanessa’s emotions are not for the public. Even after breaking up with Johnny Depp, her face didn’t expression immense sadness or pain. So, how absurd it may sound, but such restraint also allows her to keep the skin young, because due to the excessive expression of feelings wrinkles can often appear.

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