Dog Tyson 

Dog Georgia (cairn terrier) – died

Ciara pets - dogs Tyson and Georgia

Georgia and Tyson

Dog Texas (maltipoo) – 2014/12/13

Ciara dogs Tyson and Texas

Tyson and Texas

Dog Prince

Dog Naomi

Ciara pets - dogs Prince and Naomi

Prince and Naomi

What does it mean to be a celeb pet?

Luxury lifestyle? Delicious food? Designers clothes? Exactly.

In the case of Ciara’s pets it’s hard to say whether they live full life or not.

On the one hand, these lovely guys are carried in a fashionable Louis Vuttion bag, which makes them look like a glam stars. On the contrary, aren’t dogs born to run, jump, and make mess? They are animals, and they should have a bit of freedom. Maybe they would prefer walking on their own or stretching their little legs on the ground?

The young singer takes her four-legged friends everywhere she goes. They even go shopping together.

As well as Paris Hilton and Jessica Simpson, Ciara carries her puppies like cute accessories. On the other hand there are people, for example, Jennifer Aniston and Matthew Mcconaughey, who prefer big dogs. They are real companions while walking or doing sport.

The dogs try to jump out of the bag all the time, but their attempts aren’t always successful.

Nevertheless, a celeb owner sometimes makes breaks for her pets. While walking she stops in the park or in the yard and takes dogs out of the fashionable beg.

Being busy all day long, Ciara always has a lack of time. Though, she adores Texas and Tyson so much that she finds time for playing with them. She walks together with the dogs, plays with them in public places and enjoys the time together.

For this reason, it’s not a problem for experienced paparazzi to take pictures of a famous dog mom. Almost every day there are new pictures appear on the Internet which enlighten happy Ciara together with her cute little fur balls of happiness.

Hopefully, the dogs feel good and comfortable living together with their famous “mom”.

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