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Courteney CoxRecently Courteney Cox announced her engagement with a musician Johnny McDaid, who is thirteen years her junior. Now a famous American actress makes the preparations to the wedding. Frequently she was noticed in various plastic surgery clinics, which proves the fact that the actress wants to correspond her young fiancé and to look younger.

Courteney Cox is a famous American actress, who is well-known to the audience as Monica Geller by the series “Friends”. She is also a good director and producer. This woman was pretty since her childhood and during her studing at college she was offered to become a model. Courteney agreed and she achieved sCourteney Coxuccess in this business. Concurrently the woman attended acting classes. A future actress debuted in the series As the World Turns. Later she understood that being an actress is her calling. She has a daughter and was married to David Arquette.

Certainly the woman tried to conceal any surgical intervention and criticized other celebrities who wanted to look younger. She always said that it is impossible to stop the time and any plastic procedures can only do harm. Nevertheless the sands are running out and it seems to be that the woman changed her mind. If to have a look at Courtney’s photos before and after plastic surgery, everyone can notice certain changes. By the way, the actress is 50 and she looks fresh and young. But it is impossible to be without wrinkles at the age of fifty.

Everyone can see that the woman has no wrinkles on her face. Recently Courtney confessed that she was done Botox injections and laser pilling. Such procedures helped Courtney to get rid of wrinkles and as the actress commented after such treatment she feels more confident. Though she criticizes the celebrities one can easily see that at the age of 50 Courtney also wants to stop the time and stay young as long as it is possible. Now she has an opinion that laser or Botox injections have a perfect result and it is the best method for liquidating wrinkles.

Courteney Cox photo Before & After

Courteney Cox

Courteney CoxIt is said that this actress also has done lip augmentation and breast-enlarging surgery. If she didn’t conceal the previous procedures, now we can make a conclusion that this surgical interventions she doesn’t admit. Courtney is known for the show “Friends” which lasted for ten years and everyone can see that the woman had small boobs and couldn’t boast by ample curves. Now, if to have a look at her photos, it’s difficult to deny that the actress has undergone through breast-enlarging surgery.
Courteney Cox
Nowadays it is difficult to surprise somebody by plastic surgery in Hollywood. Approximately every celebrity goes under knife in order to improve any of her shortcomings. Courteney Cox is not an exception. All the more so, she has a younger boyfriend. Certainly she wants to correspond him and not to look much elder on their wedding.

Now we can see that this woman looks good despite of her age. She is 50 now and it looks like that she is 30!

Courteney Cox on the 20th Anniversary of Friends

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