Danny Devito Height, Weight, Age

Danny Devito

Date of Birth: 17 November, 1944 (Age: 71)

Height: 152 cm (5 ft 0)

Weight: 88 kg (195 pounds)

Eye color: Brown

Hair Color: Brown

Danny Devito is a popular American actor and filmmaker, who has played in a number of box office hits like “Pulp Fiction”, “Gattaca”, “Freedom Writers” and many others. Very often we admire the physical shape of popular actors, their height and stature and want to look like them, but in case of Danny Devito physical shape is not ideal. He is quite low, just 152 cm tall, and quite plump at the same time (88 kg). His fans often ask the question, if Danny Devito is a midget. Probably, he is not a midget, just extremely short man, who can’t see over the counter at Starbucks.

Danny Devito can’t boast with towering height, but he seems not to care about it. Once the star was asked in one of his interviews, what he disliked in his appearance and Danny answered “the heel of my left shoe”. Now Danny just laughs at his body shape, but in his childhood he had a lot of problems because of his diminutiveness.

Danny DeVito was born in Neptune, New Jersey in a family of Julia and Danny Sr., a businessman. From the very childhood Danny was quite small and he dreamed to become taller in his youth. Devito told, that he couldn’t slow dance with girls because of his height and he was bullied by some neighbors. At the same time he had a lot of friends, who supported him.

Danny Devito Height, Weight, Age

Danny Devito

Danny Devito tried acting, being a school pupil, when he took part in a number of school productions. He started his career as a hairdresser and then entered the American Academy of Dramatic Arts in New York. After graduating Danny worked at the Eugene O’Neill Theater Center. He became popular after participating in the film “One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest”.

Danny can be called a legendary actor, because in spite of his age he managed to get serious dramatic roles, while the other short actors mostly play in comedies. He proved his acting talent, playing in such films as “L.A. Confidential”, “Man on the Moon” and others.

Danny Devito is a father of three children. He was married an actress Rhea Perlman for many years, but they split in 1982.

Danny Devito had never mentioned in his interviews, if he practices any physical training or not. But his body is not toned, so probably, not. But the star keeps to a diet from time to time. “I am always on a diet man!”, he announced in social media. But then he added that he preferred to get calories with beer and vodka.

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