Date of birth:  March 06, 1946 (Age 72)

Full name: David Jon Gilmour

Born place: Los Angeles, California, USA

Height: 6’0’’ (183 cm)

Weight: 78.5 kg (173 pounds)

David Gilmour's height, weight and age

Hair color: Gray

Eye color: Blue

David Gilmour's eyes and hair color

David Gilmour is a remarkable and iconic songwriter, guitarist and singer from Pink Floyd who has created a niche for himself in the entertainment industry and has maintained his relevance for over 5 decades.

His passion for music was however, birth while he was still a young lad and his parents encouraged him to give music a try. Heeding to their advice, he began listening to a song called Heartbreak Hotel by the legendary Elvis Presley. This song stirred a deep passion for music in him as he eventually picked an interest in the guitar. Not owning a guitar of his own, David borrowed one from a friend of his and taught himself how to play the instrument.

From that point on, he pursued his passion with much determination and has been attaining much success since then. Currently, David has released a total of 6 albums among which include his most successful called Rattle That Lock.

David has undergone various changes right in the public eye from his youthful years. When he was still a youth, he kept a long centre-parted hairstyle which stopped somewhere around his chest region.

As he advanced in age and maturity, he reduced his hair length and later on Mother Nature played her role transforming all his hair grey while his formally full hair now has some bald patches.

However, David didn’t really change when it comes to his sense of dressing as he still likes to wear a black t-shirt. Occasionally he adds a black blazer or jacket to his look.

Since his youth, he always has a lean figure. We cannot confirm if this is as a result of great genes or intense hard work. For one, we can definitely say that his busy lifestyle has played a role in keeping him active and fit.

David Gilmour's height, weight and age

The effect of healthy living was demonstrated to the world by David as he was able to still perform on stage even at the age of 70.

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