Date of birth: November 03, 1957 (Age: 59 years)

Height: 6′ 5″ (196 cm)

Weight: 250 pounds (110 kg)

Dolph Lundgren`s height, weight and age

Shoe size: 12 (US)/46 (EU)

Hair color: Blonde

Eye color: Blue

Dolph Lundgren`s eyes and hair color

From the early years of fanatical love to martial arts, Dolph Lundgren became known as an actor in 1985 after the movie Rocky 4, playing with one of the best representatives of this genre, Sylvester Stallone.

His role as a Soviet boxer Ivan Drago was really perfect for the actor’s weight of 111 kilos and height of 195 cm in addition to excellent physical shape. It gave Lundgren a chance to quickly win the hearts of fans of the genre.

Yes, Dolph constantly keeps fit even now, so transformation for the role was not a big issue at the time. But still, he had to work hard to look as the other guys. The actor had a lot of sparring and practicing martial arts.

Despite the fact that his muscles were quite visible, for the movie he still had to gain a little more weight. Tricks were well organized – they had a great team of stuntmen as well as stunt Jet Li and his stunt coordinator. And yet, there was Stallone. So, yes, to be in good shape was a necessity, however, there were people who helped Lundgren look good on the screen.

To get ready for the role of Ivan Drago the actor chose a standard power program to train upper body for 2-3 times a week and the legs – 2 times a week. He loves working on his legs, because they make him stronger, and in addition, it helps to gain weight and to the top.

The actor was training with his partner for sparring. He is a fighter, so the guys combined strength training with sparring to achieve greater body relief, worked with boxing gloves, cushioned for boxing and pear.

In a year, Dolph Lundgren will celebrate his 60th anniversary, but he is still in excellent physical shape.

Father of two children looks fitted and his body only proves that Dolph regularly goes to the gym. He needs to keep fit and stay in a great form, because he will still participate in the action genre films that require from actors excellent physical characteristics.Dolph Lundgren`s height, weight and age

In Hawaii Dolph Lundgren starred in sci-fi horror film Do not kill it, whose release is scheduled for 2017. Dolph got the role of the hunter of demons, who collides with an ancient evil, terrorizing one of the cities of Alaska. To get ready to the role, he set quite a hard training regime, during which the actor didn’t allow himself to relax even on holidays.

The actor has repeatedly told how he keeps fit and does not let age to take over a top.

Dolph Lundgren`s height, weight and age

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