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Emma Roberts is a popular American actress, who is well known to the society as Julia’s Roberts niece.

Emma RobertsShe is a daughter of Julia’s Roberts brother, Eric Roberts. Emma was a long-awaited child and everyone in their family was happy after her birth. Unfortunately happiness didn’t last long. Her father broke up with her mother, when the girl was only seven months. Julia Roberts, her famous aunt, always helped Emma and her mother and took an active part in her education. This girl aspired to become an actress in the childhood. Probably her aunt’s successful acting career made a certain influence on Emma. At the age of ten she debuted in the film “Blow” and her desire to become an actress became stronger. Emma moved to Los Angeles where she combined her studding at “Archer School for Girls” with her acting career.

Emma’s mother was against the daughter’s choice but she couldn’t do anything. Emma was an obstinate and assertive child, so the girl could talk round her mother. Besides, Emma had an attractive appearance, personal charm and talent which she inherited from her father and aunt. Such an ample quantity of features certainly has only positive influence on her future career.

At the age of 13 the girl was offered the role in the series “Unfabulous”. This comedy which fully depicted the life of teenagers gained popularity so that the directors decided to film the second and the third seasons. In order to correspond to her role Emma was made to write songs and play the guitar. Her musical voice was noticed by the producers so that they seriously thought about the musical career of a girl.

In 2006 Emma Roberts started her model career with the company Dooney & Bourke. Also a young lady continued starring in various films. Speaking about her acting career it is necessary to say that this woman worked hard in order to obtain success. Now Emma is 24 and she has everything, a young actress may only dream about. Her life is luxurious and she is constantly offered mostly the star parts in various films. She can boast by the ability to choose the role she wants to play. Now Emma is in the top of the most prosperous actresses in Hollywood.

Emma Roberts

Emma is a young girl and in her personal life she couldn’t boast by a wide range of lovers. But still it is necessary to mention that her hazel eyes don’t leave cold the men. She dated with Alex Pettyfer, later she had relationship with Ryan Sheckler. The most serious relationship was with Chord Overstreet, who also was a singer and an actor. They tried to conceal their relations but still frequently they were noticed together. Now Emma is engaged with Evan Peters, an American actor. They were dating since 2012 and probably Emma has finally found her soulmate.

Emma Roberts and Evan Peters

Emma Roberts and Evan Peters

Emma Roberts

Speaking about this actress it is necessary to say that she likes pole dance. Such kind of dancing requires a great level of body strength. Emma says that such hobby gives her assurance. Also she likes swimming and playing volleyball.

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