Height: 171 cmEllen DeGeneres

Weight: 59 kg

Date of birth: January 26, 1958 (Age: 58)

Hardly there is more sincere and spontaneous person on American TV than Ellen DeGeneres, a famous American actress, TV presenter and the owner of eleven Emmy Awards.

transparent_young_ellen_degeneres_by_supernasal-d8cjl5zEllen’s personal life is constantly in the centre of attention. Moreover, the woman doesn’t try to conceal something and shares the details of her life. She was born in 1958, Metairie, Louisiana. Her parents divorced when Ellen was sixteen years old. Ellen was an active girl and liked sport. She was going in for tennis and jogging. When her mother married for the second time they moved to the other town. Ellen learned to play golf, because she had no friends there and golf was the only game that may be played by one person.

Having finished school a young lady entered the university but her education didn’t last long. Ellen dropped out from the university and started working. She worked in various spheres: waitress, barman, seller and painter. As Ellen was a very communicative person it was easy to get on with her. She started appearing on stage in various night clubs. She liked the work of Steve Martin and Woody Allen and at the beginning of her career tried to copy them. The rumours about the gifted girl swirl beyond New Orleans. She was invited on TV shows and from then onward started her career. Ellen felt that show business is that what she needed and she wanted to achieve great success in this sphere.
Ellen DeGeneres

DeGeneres starred in two television sitcoms, Ellen from 1994 to 1998. It was quite popular show and Ellen played the role of a lesbian. Two years later the real face of the actress unmasked; she confessed that she was a lesbian. In her interview to the magazine Time, DeGeneres said, she was sick and tired of lie about her personality and she felt relieved when told the truth. Despite of a great popularity of this show the producers were made to stop this project. Ellen was in dry dock, after six years of shooting she became washed up.

During three years Ellen wasn’t offered any roles and it was the most difficult period in her life. In 2001 Ellen DeGeneres appeared in the centre of attention again. She was invited to become a television host of the ceremony Emmy Awards. It was a triumph. From then onward an actress was the television host of Ammy Awards and Grammy Awards. Every time her jokes and sincerity made a conspicuous figure of the audience. Hardly there is a person who can cope with this difficult task much better than Ellen Degeneres.
Ellen DeGeneres

In 2003 Ellen provided the voice of Dory in the Pixar animated film Finding Nemo. It was a foremost success for the woman and she was awarded the Saturn Award for Best Supporting Actress.

Speaking about her personal life it was also full of ups and downs. She is a lesbian and that was enough for the press. Her personal life was the subject of wide speculation. She dated Anne Heche, Alexandra Hedisonand in 2004 she started dating Portia de Rossi. They were engaged and in 2008 they married in Beverly Hills. Now they live together in their house in Beverly Hills, with three dogs and four cats.
Ellen DeGeneres

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