Date of birth: November 05, 1965 (Age: 49 years)

Height: 5′ 11″ (182 cm)

Weight: 137 pounds (62 kg)

Famke Janssen`s height, weight and age

Famke Janssen body measurements:

Chest: 36″ (91,5 cm)

Waist: 25″ (63,5 cm)

Hips: 35″ (89 cm)

Bra size: 34B

Shoe size: 11 (US)/41-42 (EU)

Hair color: Dark brown

Eye color: Hazel

Famke Janssen`s eyes, hair color

Hollywood star Famke Janssen never drinks water from plastic bottles. Like many other people, she fears that hazardous chemicals from the plastic can get into her body.

The X-Men famous actress for many years does not touch the plastic bottles. She says that this the core explanation of her young appearance, because Hollywood star looks significantly younger than 49. Famke fears that the harmful elements that are in plastic bottles can cause the intoxication.

It’s about a chemical called bisphenol A, which is found in many plastic products. Scientists have linked the substance to premature aging, infertility, and even to an increased risk of cancer. A native of the Netherlands, Famke Janssen is well aware of these studies, therefore, she prefers not to risk her health and beauty.

The actress also spoke about her fitness regime. She regularly visits the gym. Trying not to expose her skin to the sun too often, she uses a sunscreen and sticks to a rigid vegan diet. Besides, the 49-year beauty drinks a lot of water throughout the day. But once again, she never drinks water from plastic bottles. The staris engaged in workouts whenever there is an opportunity. In addition, she doesn’t eat meat and dairy products.

Famke doesn’t consume any kind of meat also because of the great love for animals. When you’re moving closer to the animals, many of your views change, shared the actress. She is confident that it does not matter, it is a cow, a chicken or a dog – they all have feelings and emotions.

All in all, such great love for animals and awareness of a harmful impact of plastic keeps Famke Janssen young, fitted and extremely attractive.

Famke Janssen`s height, weight and age

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