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Rose Mcgowan is popular American actress with Irish and French roots. She was born in 1973 in Italy. When Rose was 10 years old her family moved to USA. She began her career with role in “Encino Man” and in 4 years stared in cult movie “Scream”. She became especially famous after starring in “Phantoms” (1998) with Ben Affleck, “Charmed” (2001-2006) and “Planet Terror” (2007).

Rose McGowan interview ’98

There are plenty of rumors about Rose’s plastic surgery which are commented not only by publicists but professional plastic surgeons. What does actress answer on these rumors?

Car accident

Mcgowan’s career was on top of glory in 2007. Unfortunately Rose had suffered in car accident and got several ugly scars. When she is asked about plastic surgeries Rose always gives positive answer. She explains plastics to be a way of terrible consequences of accident removal and nothing else. But while looking at her past and recent photos it goes without saying that her face has changed drastically. Rose seemed to be attractive and a little bit exotic girl. But now her nose appears to have another form, cheeks seem to be rounder and skin seems to be stretched out. Rose’s mimic isn’t so natural and charming like it was several years ago.

Rose Mcgowan Before & After

What plastic surgeries did Mcgowan accept?

The most probable interventions with Rose’s body are:
1. Breast augmentation. As seen at the photos actress’s breast now is 2 cup sizes bigger than it was before.
2. Cheek implants. Rose has round yummy cheeks which are shaped due implants.
3. Face-lifting. It’s difficult to look fascinating after 40-th birthday. Actress has no facial wrinkles, her eyes have changed and her skin seems to be too tight. These effects are possible only with lifting.
4. Lip fillers. Her lips appear to be plumper than on past photos.
5. Different nose shape.

All these interventions have changed Rose’s appearance in radical way. 20 years ago she was absolutely different glamorous young woman with natural beauty.

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