Date of birth: July 6, 1946 (Age: 70 years)

Height: 5′ 11″ (180 cm)

Weight: 178 pounds (81 kg)

George Bush, Jr height, weight and age

Hair color: Light brown/Grey

Eye color: Blue

George Bush, Jr eyes and hair color

George W. Bush has always been and still is a great fan of bodybuilding. Even being a president he could easily leave his study and went to the gym to lift some iron.

At time when George W. Bush was a governor without any shame he used to go to the sport club of the local university. There he had quite intensive workouts and due to that he got acquainted with a personal trainer of strength and general physical condition. Together they used to train till the end of the power – they spent up to 2 hours at the gym with free weight.

Of course, as we all understand, the age plays important role. Today, the former president can’t train as hard as he used to do, but he makes an emphasis on the health of cardiovascular system.

For this reason, each training starts with a long cardio warm up – up to 30 minutes.  Strength session itself is of classical style, so it comprises some basic elements and exercises.

George W. Bush trains four times a week. Even at 70 he doesn’t leave this habit and works out on the regular basis.

However, besides his usual training scheme, the former president has one reserved training which he at times inserts into his regime. It’s done intentionally in order to stress he body and to make it work harder. It also helps to distract mentally.

In addition to regular training, George W. Bush keeps a healthy lifestyle. He got used to healthy eating and doesn’t eat junk food. It’s not only because of the figure concern, but also because he wants his health to be in a pretty good condition as long as possible.

Not the last role in such passion to sport played the fact that George W. Bush is a public person and he has to look always good, but that’s not the only reason. George W. Bush got used to doing sport from his very youth, so he can’t imagine his life as just sitting in the armchair near the chimney.

George Bush, Jr height, weight and age

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