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Hugh Laurie loves the company of two good-natured Labrador Retrievers

Dog (Pug breed) – unknown name

2 brown Labrador-retriever mix – unknown names

Hugh Laurie, who played brilliantly cynical Dr. House, in real life, loves his family and the company of two good-natured Labrador Retrievers. He’s often seen for walking the pets, playing with them and jogging together.

Hugh Laurie with his dogs - Pug and Labrador-retriever mix

Hugh Laurie`s dogs

Hugh Laurie has a reputation for notorious misanthrope and not without reason. He avoids the fans and paparazzi, but he easily finds a common language with the animals.

His hero perfectly understands the people, but the actor himself is well aware of the ethnic psychology of animals. Especially Dachshunds that he loves adores.

A Labrador of a coffee colour lives in the actor’s family. The dog accompanies the actor to his early workouts, and at times on the set. Hugh calls him a real member of the family.

Hugh Laurie dogs - 2 brown Labrador-retriever mix

But Hugh has one more dog in his family – another Labrador-retriever mix, and it’s of coffee colour as well.

Unfortunately, the names of all three dogs are unknown. Hugh Laurie says that his privacy is very important as well as the privacy of his dogs. Hopefully, one day this secret will be discovered.

Labrador-retriever is a reliable and patient dog. Most of all they love the activity and attention. They are always ready to walk and endless games.

These dogs are easy to learn. They are patient and obedient by nature.

At home, these dogs enjoy playing with children and other animals and they love to participate in family activities.

Labradors are usually very bored when they are left alone at home for a long time. Unspent energy and the lack of sufficient attention can lead to apathy and destructive behavior of these dogs.

The real happiness for Labrador is a large amount of activities and the games in the open air. Ideally, such a dog lives in a country house, when living in an apartment, Labrador needs regular long walks or visits to the park.

Hugh Laurie`s dogs - 2 brown Labrador-retriever mix

2 brown Labrador-retriever mix

This breed are great pets for families, that makes them very popular, but they can’t be just a test for inexperienced dog owners who do not know how to deal with large, active dogs, so that are Labradors.

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