Jason Beghe Height, Weight, Age

Jason Beghe

Date of Birth: 12 March, 1960 (Age: 56)

Height: 175 cm (5 ft 7)

Weight: 73 kg (160 pounds)

Eye color: Hazel

Hair Color: Grey

Jason Beghe is a handsome popular actor with average body measurements. The celebrity Beghe is of average height, he is quite thin and he has toned body. The actor looks younger of his age; at the same time he doesn’t try anything to look in that way, like many other actors do. He is against of express diets and plastic surgery and prefers old school fitness exercises.

Jason Beghe was born in New York City in quite a rich family. His mother was a homemaker, who devoted all her free time to four children and to her husband, Renato, who earned his living as United States Tax Court Judge.

Jason Beghe studied at a prestigious school, where he made friends with David Duchovny. They say, it was Jason, who convinced David to pursue acting as a career. By the way, Jason led his way to show business, started modeling. He liked sports from the earliest years and practiced strength workouts. Thus in his young years Jason Beghe could boast with a tough abs and muscled legs. He got his first popularity as a model and then decided to start career of an actor. Jason Beghe made his debut in “Compromising Positions”, Susan Sarandon movie. Later Jason took part in many popular movies and TV series, including “Melrose Place”, “Monkey Shines”, “X-Men First Class” and the others.

Jason Beghe is happily married since 2000. His wife, Angie Janu, gave a birth to 2 sons with Jason.

The star is also known as a great opponent of Scientology. He started to practice Scientology, being a 34 year old star, but later he disappointed in its ideas and now criticizes this religion.

Jason Beghe Height, Weight, Age

Jason Beghe

Jason Beghe has great shape, especially if you take his age into consideration. To look so toned and to remain active every single day, Jason workouts 3-4 times a week. Earlier he preferred high intensive workouts, but now he chooses mostly running, swimming and playing outdoor games like football. Jason Beghe showed his great well toned abs in a number of his movies. He keeps his belly in great shape till now, making various abs exercises, starting from crunches and ending with bench press. Very often Jason Beghe trains alongside his sons.

The actor and ex-model doesn’t like to keep to a diet. But he chooses only healthy options from the menu like vegetable salads with olive oil, porridge and fresh fruit.

Jason Beghe is still a busy actor, his schedule is very tough!

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