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Jennifer Grey – Celebrity Plastic Surgery

Jennifer Grey is an American actress who is famous not just because of a great variety of successful roles but quite a successful rhinoplasty. At the beginning of her career, she frequently heard from the agents who helped the actors to find a job that with such a nose it is difficult to receive a worthy role. Unfortunately it was true. This woman was offered only secondary roles. But it is necessary to say that once she had an unexpected twist of fate. In 1987 Jennifer was offered a role in the film Dirty Dancing, which was not expected to be a successful one. Her partner in this film was Patrick Swayze. Dirty Dancing had a great success. There is even no need to speak about box office sale. They were unbelievable and exceeded the original budget by thirty times! For the filming of Dirty Dancing $60 million was spent and $200 million was received.

Jennifer Grey Jennifer Grey

Between one breath and another, the couple Jennifer and Patrick became popular. A great number of producers and agents constantly proposed Jennifer various leading roles. The actress started basking in glory!

Once during the vacation with her boyfriend, the actress was in an accident and injured her face. The injury was not crucial but still the woman decided that it is a high time to change her nose and to push it closer to Hollywood standards. She wanted to become ideal and thought that such a kind of operation will certainly bring good to her career. As a result after two plastic operations on her nose the woman became the owner of a standard Hollywood nose. It was small, nice and without a crook.
Jennifer Grey
Jennifer’s Grey plastic surgery is one of such operations which is considered to be the most successful in Hollywood but changed her appearance greatly. And cJennifer Greyertainly such kinds of changes only did harm to her career. Having changed her nose fully the woman lost her face. Her friends and fans didn’t recognize Jennifer. Her boyfriend left the actress. He explained his decision simply; he loved the previous Jennifer and her new face frightened him. A wide range of propositions from producers and directors changed greatly too. They stopped offering her the leading parts because they couldn’t recognize a touching image of Baby, which she perfectly played in the film Dirty Dancing. So, in order to continue her career as an actress the woman again started playing only secondary roles. Only after the show Dancing With the Stars she became popular again.

It is rumoured that together with rhinoplasty Jennifer had her lips injected with fillers. She is deemed to be one of the sexiest celebrities in Hollywood and her baby face doesn’t let her look older. She is already 55 and still she looks like a woman of 30. It is visible that Jennifer asked the help of plastic surgeons and removed wrinkles from her forehead.

So speaking about Jennifer’s Grey plastic surgery it must be mentioned that not always the successful plastic surgery result brings positive aspect into the life of our celebrities.

Jennifer Grey on the 25th Anniversary of ‘Dirty Dancing’

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