Date of birth: July 15, 1967 (49 years)

Height: 5 ft 11 in (180 cm)

Adam Savage Height

Adam Savage

Adam Savage body measurements:

Hair colour: Red

Eye Color: Blue

If you’ve followed the life of this bright cheerful man, you couldn’t but notice the radical changes in his figure. Have you ever thought what’s the point?

Adam Savage Weight

Adam Savage

His story lasted for 13 years!

During the last decay and even more, Adam gained 2-5 pounds each year. It made him change his wardrobe from tight trousers to baggy jeans. But when his weight reached 253 pounds, the actor realized that he neglected his body shape and he had to find a way out.

There are several Adam’s mistakes which are quite common.

  1. He stopped exercising (having a sitting job).
  2. Eating fast-food in a huge amount.
  3. Eating more calories than burning.

But there was good news. Adam realized himself that he should act radically. So what were his steps?

First of all, Adam wanted to learn more about the food which led to weight gain. He didn’t aim to cutting off his calories; he just wanted to get to know what the key problem was.

For the first three months he was tracking his calories with the help of app. Adam found out that he consumed about 2000-2500 calories a day. But the point was that his portions were off. What was the way out?

To fix this question, Adam used to weight each dish before eating. The problem appeared when he was eating out, but sometime later, when Adam was in tune with his body, he could understand when his stomach was full. This experience showed him the food which he could eat in big quantities, and the food which should be forbidden.

Was that all? No.

Along with the food control, Adam counted his activities (also with the help of app). He found out that he burnt 2000 calories, so it was time to act.

Adam Savage Body Measurement

Adam Savage

Adam didn’t keep a strict diet, he just was aware of the salt and fat level in his food. Being not a fan of exercising, Adam, together with his doctor, made up his mind to cut the consumption to 1500 calories in less active days and 2000 calories in more active days. That was the secret.

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