Date of Birth: 12 February, 1926

Date of Death: 23 March, 2016 (Aged: 90)

Height: 183 cm (6 ft 0)

Weight: 86 kg (190 pounds)

Eye color: Hazel

Hair Color: Bald

Joe Garagiola Sr. Height

Joe Garagiola Sr.

Joe Garagiola Sr. used to be popular in USA. He earned his kudos as a baseball catcher and later, when his career of a baseball player was over, he served as a television host. As a player, Joe was the member of several popular successful teams like Pittsburg Pirates, Chicago Cubs and many others.

Joe Garagiola Sr. Weight

Joe Garagiola Sr.

After successful career of a baseball player, Joe made career on TV. He was a participant of The Today Show and made appearances in various game shows. He was the friend of another famous baseball player, Yogi Berra. The boys lived in St. Louis, Missouri in the same street. They played baseball since the earliest years and later Joe mentioned, that he “was not the best baseball player on his street”.

When Caragiola was 16, his talent was discovered as he signed the deal with the St. Louis Cardinals. He made his career of a baseball player till 1944 and that year he started his military service. Two years later the baseball player left the service and made his big debut with the Cardinals. That very year the rising star got an opportunity to participate in World Series. He managed to become World Series contestant just once in his life.

Joe Caragiola understood from the earliest years, that it is necessary to leave in time. Many people take part in sport competitions, being too old for it. Joe Caragiola left baseball but he continued making his career.

Caragiola is known as the author of two books and the TV host. Career is important for any person, nevertheless the main thing in anybody’s life is family. Joe had never forgotten about it. He was married and had three children. All of them are adults now and they continued the work of their father, having become TV personalities. His son Joe Jr. is the vice president of baseball team The Diamondbacks. So he followed his father’s steps to some extent.

Joe Garagiola Sr. passed away peacefully in March, 2016. He died from natural reasons and spent long and interesting life. To honor the memory of legendary baseball player, The Diamondbacks team members will wear the word “Joe” on their sleeves during the season 2016.

Joe Garagiola Sr. Body Measurement

Joe Garagiola Sr.

Till the last days of his life Joe Garagiola Sr. was in great shape. His workout plan or eating habits are not known, but he remained slim and had no overweight even being in his golden age. His body was toned, so probably Joe had never forgotten to make exercises and avoided junk food.

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